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Alex likes talking to people and building relationships, which aligns him perfectly with his responsibilities at Main Street Movers. Alex oversees new business development, and building relationships is what getting new business is all about.

One of the newest members of the Main Street team, Alex, a University of Rhode Island graduate with a degree in communications, met owner Tom Mantzouranis through a friend and built that relationship. He was drawn to Tom because of his authenticity, his focus on going the extra mile to make Main Street’s clients and employees feel valued, and his deep knowledge of the moving business. So when asked, Alex came onboard and hasn’t looked back since.

He’s seen firsthand that the company’s primary goal is to make clients’ lives easier. When out on the truck with movers, he rolls up his sleeves. “At first, I felt sore,” he said, “but there’s a lot more to it than just moving boxes and furniture. I was blown away with the speed, caring and efficiency and the way the moving team works.”

Words to Live By

Family! He comes from a close Italian family and values the time he spends with his mom and dad and his sisters and brother. “Family,” he repeats. “There’s nothing better!”

The business is somewhat seasonal, so when the spring real estate season kicks in, Alex will be spending more time in the field. He’ll be visiting business groups and corporations whose members and employees have both commercial and residential moving needs and help Main Street cultivate new clients but also new market niches.

There’s no question he’ll do his all to build the relationships. But based on his experience in the field and the client satisfaction he not only observed but felt, he’s confident: When new accounts come onboard, they’ll immediately become Main Street Movers’ fans.

And Outside the Office...

Alex is a huge sports fan who cheers on the Green Bay Packers and the Yankees. He played a lot of sports himself when he was in high school.

Portrait of Alex