Ana understands that there’s a lot more to the work at a moving company than…well, the move. In her role as warehouse supervisor at Main Street Movers, she’s responsible for day-to-day activities, among them: checking in shipments, tracking inventory, assisting with logistics and delivery scheduling and making sure trucks are loaded correctly and have all the necessary packing materials.

That start-to-finish customer service is an imperative at Main Street Movers—a value about which Ana is delighted. She’s also quick to add, she’s ready, willing and able to turn on a dime to make customers happy.

Prior to her tenure at Main Street, Ana worked in disaster recovery. She was part of the organizations audit and recapture team and made sure victim compensation to rebuild homes post Hurricane Sandy was awarded properly.

Value to Live By

Be positive and open-minded no matter how hard your day. What’s more, laughter is important, says Ana. “You always have to be laughing.”

Ana has also overseen shipping operations at a trucking company. She’s proved she knows how to get the work out quickly. That’s a skill that’s helped her at Main Street where things like customers needing to increase the number of items in their relocation transport inevitably come up last minute. Being knowledgeable about the size of the truck being used for a move and the weight a truck can carry along with the truck freight regulations and how a truck should be packed makes a difference in providing seamless service.

“Our customers are appreciative and relieved at how easy their move was from consult through placing their furniture in their new homes,” she says. “It’s gratifying to see such customer satisfaction.”

It’s also wonderful to work with people who care so much about service no matter what their role, Ana adds…which circles back to how much she enjoys working at Main Street. “We give back because we feel valued. “Karen and Tom invest in all of us who work here because they want to see us grow.”

And outside the office...

Ana and her boyfriend Delvis enjoy going to the movies and out to dinner. “We’re pretty laid back and enjoy simple, quiet moments.”

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