Great service & integrity never go out of style


Ben DiGiovanni always put the customer’s interests and needs first, and he says he has seen Main Street Movers share these values and beliefs time and time again. He’s quick to say the company’s dedication to customer service and satisfaction is nearly limitless and that the Main Street team goes to any length to ensure the customer has the best possible experience. Working in customer service at Main Street, Ben enjoys the autonomy and trust that’s given to him to do his job and the security of knowing if he needs guidance or help, it’s available. He says this allows him to serve Main Street’s accounts better with quicker response times and gives him the ability to be more productive as he interfaces with many of Main Street’s commercial customers.

Favourite Words to Live By

Never give up on trying to be a better person.

Doing account work requires Ben to work with the same customers almost every day. This has enabled him to build relationships and friendships, making work more personal and enjoyable. His responsibilities also include providing support to the company’s field crews, preparing survey reports, quoting, scheduling, trouble shooting, quality control, invoicing, and procedure development and implementation.

His work at Main Street, he says, aligns perfectly with his previous 19-year tenure in the international relocation division of a high-quality mover. There, as a customer service account manager, he served as the primary point of contact for international corporate relocations both outbound and inbound.

And Outside the Office...

Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and stepson and attending musical concerts, NJ Devils games and stand-up comedy shows.

He loves cooking, dining out, mixology, hiking, Marvel and DC movies, and binge-watching shows like Game of Thrones, The Handmaid’s Tale and Stranger Things.

These hobbies and interests allow him to de-stress in various ways: through the warmth of his family, the excitement of attending a live event, the creativity of cooking and mixology, the enjoyment of a gourmet meal, the serenity of nature, and the escapism of film and television.

Portrait of Ben