Great service & integrity never go out of style


Moving is not a 9 to 5 industry. Just ask Bryan. He’s Main Street Movers’ International and Accounts Move Coordinator, and he’s been in the moving industry for 22 years … grew up in it actually and held “every position imaginable.”
He says that’s a plus because it enables him to empathize with what his teammates are often up against to complete a project. “It’s not a question of one person saying, ‘here’s what I want,’ and you wave a magic wand to make it happen. Everyone has to pull together as a team. You have to do what it takes to get the job done.”
When he’s scheduling pack and loads for international delivery and fleet drop deliveries on international accounts teamwork counts more than ever. Getting things across the pond and back is crazy busy these days what with supply chain issues that impact containers and the price of them for shippers and truck driver shortages which drastically interfere with delivery dates.
Bryan says the backlogs are incredible which makes communication and transparency with customers essential for setting realistic expectations and seamless workflow an imperative. “When you work as a team, you make the job easier for everyone and you complete the work in a manner that best serves your customers.”
That’s why a combination of pride in, ownership of, integrity about performance, and loyalty to colleagues is always Bryan’s goal. He shows this through his strong work ethic.
“It’s easy to do a good job when you know you’re being appreciated for it,” he says, explaining why he’s found a home here at Main Street. “Tom and Karen expect hard work and are generous and fair in return.”
One additional neat thing about Bryan being part of the Main Street team. He works with Ben. Turns out, he’s known Ben since first grade. “In fact, it’s coming on to 50 years,” Bryan says.
You might say his hire kind of speaks to the stars being aligned. It just happened that Bryan was making a career move when Ben was looking for someone to help make the international division run as smoothly as possible. Ben wanted a seasoned individual … no handholding necessary … someone who could work independently.
They both grew up in Irvington and Union, went to Seton Hall Prep, stayed friends through college at Rutgers and on and on through graduation and their lives since. These days Bryan lives in Nutley, is married, and has 2 wonderful kids, a son and a daughter, a soon-to-be bride who’s making Papa Bryan proud.
Oh, and one other notable thing about Bryan. Here at Main Street and beyond, he’s known for his witty, satirical comments, including the self-deprecating kind. Along with believing that hard work pays off, he loves to keep the mood light and knows that it makes for less stress and more camaraderie in the office.

Values to Live By

Bryan heralds his mom as a very important person in his life. “She’s been my rock, and I’ve always tried to make her proud,” he says. He lost his dad when he was eight and his mother worked hard to raise 3 kids as a single mom. Bryan has a sister and a brother. “He and I are very close to this day.”

And Outside the Office...

During down time, Bryan loves to read, particularly horror such as Stephen King novels and comic books.

He’s a movie buff, too. All genres, from silent films to present day Superhero blockbusters, with an emphasis on horror films (from virtually any and all countries) and martial arts.

As for music which he also loves, his main “go to” is classic rock from the from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s, but his tastes can range from Elvis to Ozzy and the Beatles to Metallica.