Elvis knows a lot about hauling customers’ cherished possessions from their old to new homes.

Starting as a helper 17 years ago and moving up the ranks to driver, Elvis, Main Street’s Operations Manager, uses the wealth of knowledge gleaned from his firsthand experience on the road to help make life easier for Main Street Mover’s drivers…whether they’re transporting precious cargo within New Jersey, the tristate area or across the country.

In fact, Elvis knows the routes, traffic patterns and parking limitations so well, be the drivers in Atlanta, San Francisco or Denver, he can help them gage when to (excuse the pun) get moving in the morning. When overseeing schedules, he helps Main Street’s drivers manage time, so they’ll reach a customer’s home at least 15 minutes ahead of schedule. “When we arrive early, our customers know we’re ready. The first 10 minutes of moving is crucial and sets the tone of the move for the rest of the day.”

He’s logged 17 years in the business starting out as helper, moving up to driver then to crew leader. Eight of those years were at Main Street. And in no small accomplishment, he was honored as Driver of the Month in the fall of 2019.

Value to Live By

Live by your word. What you say is what you do is the value instilled by Elvis’ mom, who means everything to him. A single mom who still lives in Guatemala, she worked hard to provide for and raise seven kids.

Elvis is a team player who’s hands on and assists with wrapping, packing and loading. His current work extends to meticulous prep (wrapping and loading and sealing containers) for international moves that take customers from the states to Europe and Asia. The first warehouse phase of a move is important to its overall success, he says.

A self-proclaimed workaholic and proud of it, Elvis derives tremendous satisfaction when he sees a customer relaxed and laughing at the end of a move day. “When we’ve gone the extra mile, people we’ve just met become our friends when their move is done.”

At Main Street, the emphasis is all about customer service, he says. “It makes a big difference,” I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

And outside the office...

Elvis and his wife, Dora, enjoy weekends with their 5 children ages 3 months to 15 years. They like to go to the park for outdoor activities minus their phones. The couple also enjoys sitting on the sidelines watching their kids participate in sports and other activities they love.