As operations manager, Eric oversees the routes, trucks and drivers for Main Street’s interstate residential moves, dispatching trucks to all 48 states.

At 31, Eric is already an industry veteran. He started out as a part-time dispatcher for a big national mover while conducting his job search for a criminal justice career. A 2012 University of Maryland graduate he found early on that his degree and a career in criminal justice took a back seat to the moving industry. He’s incredibly glad he stayed and proud of his career trajectory over these past 10 years. From dispatcher, to corporate planner, to operations manager for an agent of another interstate hauler, and now to operations manager at Main Street. “Funny how things that just happen have such long-term rewards,” he says. More recently, his new gig at Main Street came with intention.

He was looking for a new challenge and that got him to Main Street’s website. One look, and he was immediately drawn to what he could tell was the personal, human culture. There was this photo of Karen and Tom’s dog, Angus, that was the final carrot that got him, a dog lover, to schedule an interview with Tom. Right then, the supportive, collaborative company culture manifested 10-fold.

“There’s a different vibe here,” he says, “and an openness.” The communications among the staff and with Karen and Tom are anytime and two-way. “You can talk to them about anything—deeper broader, things that go beyond business.”

Values to Live By

He credits his dad, his coach in many sports throughout his school career, as the mentor who’s made a big difference in his life. “He taught me early on that as a manager, I should never ask my team to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.” His dad, now retired following a successful career, also taught him the importance of gratitude. Thanking colleagues for their contributions and showing them they’re valued is essential. These are principals Eric says he’s followed throughout his career.

“I’m grateful that my dad shared so much wisdom,” Eric says, noting a similarity to Tom. Both men are great listeners, he says, and are quick to provide the encouragement that helps me put my best foot forward in work and in life.

And Outside the Office...

And there’s a lot of life going on in Eric’s personal space. Last May, he married fiancé Kate in a small, family wedding that kept to pandemic requirements. Kate’s a physical therapist who’s dedicated to her work at St. Barnabas. In September, the couple bought their first house in Somerville where they live with Lilly, their short-haired pointer border collie. The couple and Lilly like to hike and camp.

Solo, Eric is a sports lover. Basketball (“I’m fast,” he says, not tall.”) baseball, softball, soccer—he played them all in school and remains an active participant today. He was in several leagues pre-COVID and hopes to re-up when life returns to normal.

Portrait of Eric