Great service & integrity never go out of style


Grover believes that a moving company’s goal is to make change as smooth as it can be. Working with Tom Mantzouranis since Main Street’s launch 10 years ago, Grover walks the Main Street talk: take a trying time for clients, make it positive by answering their questions, holding their hands and mitigating their inevitable moving jitters and stress.

A moving industry veteran with 18 years in the business, Grover will be the first to say that extremely caring ethic is a Main Street differentiator. “We’re unique,” he says, attributing much of that value to the fact that Main Street is a family company. His work in the industry has shown him both sides of the business…family owned and corporate. He says he has a penchant for family owned. The work environment is more personal, everyone shares the same feelings about customer care and participates at an extremely high level to maximize the customer experience. “The result, he says, is that we can bring more to our clients.”

Grover has worked in various roles, including project and warehouse management. He transitioned into sales 10 years ago and quickly proved himself to be a top earner. Main Street Cofounders Tom and Karen Mantzouranis attest to the fact Grover gives his all just like he’s done in everything he’s tackled in life. He put himself through Ramapo College, earned a degree in business and served in diverse roles with increasing responsibility in the moving industry and in warehouse management. Plus, when in moving industry sales, Grover became the top producer for all the companies in which he’s worked.

In addition to day-to-day operations (overseeing readiness and end-of-day inspection of loads and trucks each day), Grover oversees Main Streets commercial and office account relationships. He’s proud of Main Street’s inroads in this area—projects like moving the medical equipment and 500 Memorial Sloane Kettering employees to a new Manhattan location and the part Main Street played to transport cabinetry to New York City’s new and tallest complex, Hudson Yard.

Value to Live By

Grover has always believed individuals must give 110 percent to what they do, whatever their interest or passion. It’s a belief he internalized from his dad. Grover says he was also lucky to have a mentor who took him under his wing when he was putting himself through college. Charles Blumenkehl who founded Blue Reality was a success driven entrepreneur who introduced Grover to other successful professionals and taught him how to manage diverse business situations.

“These two men made it easier for me to [go out into the business world]. “They helped me wipe away any fear I may have had and instilled the importance of a strong work ethic.”

Grover says Main Street is fortunate to service several target markets and provide multifunctional services. As in all industries, business lines fluctuate with the economy. “Some companies only want to do residential moves, so when real estate is down, so is their business,” he says. “Having multiple lines makes for a healthy revenue stream.”

He ticks off a list of Main Street’s various move categories: electronic trade shows, medical equipment, special commodity store fixtures and cabinetry to name a few. “Even better,” he says proudly, “We’ve developed a reputation for our expertise in the special and sensitive materials handling required to do this work.”

Grover’s enthused about Main Street’s more recent entry into the senior market, helping seniors move from their long-time homes into assisted living, downsized or resized space. It takes patience, caring and a lot of understanding to help the elderly through these life-changing moves. “No surprise,” he says. “Our movers and our entire staff are all in. Main Street has what it takes!”

And Outside the Office...

Grover is a family man who makes the most of his downtime to be with his wife, Laura, son, Richard and daughter, Abigail Rose. Participating in and enjoying his kids’ activities is gratifying. He coached Richard, in football from age 7 to high school and now loves to watch Abigail Rose, a straight A student, play softball. “She’s a good hitter and pitcher. And what a team. They’re number 2 in New Jersey girls’ softball!”