Lenny walks the talk that makes for a winning combination in business. He values the importance of the customer experience and understands the opportunities created by the digital world.

Being responsible for overseeing Main Street’s 40,000 square foot warehouse means that Lenny is focused on making sure everything stored there is clean and safe…from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. Typically, client belongings, products and furniture are kept in the warehouse for the long haul. Their owners are waiting for the construction of their new homes to be completed, renovation of their homes or business spaces to be finished or their time abroad to come to an end. Main Street’s 24/7 surveillance systems and thorough sanitation processes and procedures are the tools that combine with Lenny and Main Street’s commitment to excellence to ensure that this service is delivered right.

Lenny’s former experience in operations management for a B-2-B warehouser who served high-end commercial clients like Louis Vuitton and Chanel has prepared him well for his Main Street responsibilities. Plus, the Bachelor of Science degree in computer sciences he earned at Rutgers adds to his readiness to take on the charge. Among them is the opportunity to help evolve Main Street’s warehouse automation and standard operating procedures.

Favourite Words to Live By

It’s never too late.

That’s an exciting proposition, he says, particularly so because of Main Street’s owners, Tom and Karen Mantzouranis, and their openness to new ideas and insights. It’s gratifying to be working in a culture in which his voice will be heard. Even better, Tom and Karen frown on layers of corporate red tape that impede progress. “They’re committed to getting things done and turning ideas into outcomes quickly.” For Lenny, respect like that is an imperative in the workplace as it is in life.

And Outside the Office...

In his personal life, he and wife, Dolores, are the parents to six-year-old twin girls, Aleah and Angeliz, who, Lenny says, are full of good ideas and the confidence to verbalize them. The Luna’s are all about family, and theirs is a big one. Weekends are frequently spent with Lenny’s mom, sister and brother-in-law. Lenny’s other weekend activity includes his Sunday softball team.

Lenny credits his high school coaches in baseball (his favorite sport) and football for instilling him with the importance of being a team player and fostering the chemistry that makes a team strong. Honesty and respect are an integral part of those objectives.

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