Mayra is hardly afraid to roll up her sleeves and put in the work.

She’s had the opportunity to put her attention to detail to good use helping Main Street Movers’ customers pack boxes. She’s even been known to hoist a few onto the trucks. Mayra’s husband is a driver for Main Street and helping him out at corporate one day not too long ago, she happened to jokingly say how she’d enjoy working for the company. “Who knew that Tom and Karen would take me up on that.”

So these days, instead of packing and lifting boxes, she’s managing paperwork, scheduling estimates and sales calls, and coordinating commercial moves and assisting with supply orders.

She likes understanding the inside work of the business. She used to see the paperwork and not understand all the steps between the estimate and move day.

Mayra describes her Main Street colleagues as “wonderful people. There’s a lot of teamwork here.” Michelle, with whom she’s working several hours a day, Ben, Grover and Karen, Nicole, Alex and Mike, are the people from whom she’s learning the ropes. It’s a culture of collaboration and partnership, and “everyone walks the talk here.”

Her Mentors, Her Beliefs & What She Lives By

Her key mentors and influencers are her parents. They immigrated to the United States with only the aspiration to create a better life for their family. They started a window and patio awning manufacturing business which has been extremely successful. She and her siblings joined their parents a few years later. “I was nine when I came to the States,” Mayra says.

“We are all still so close, and I have beautiful nieces and nephews. It’s wonderful when we all  get together.”

Grateful is one of the words she lives by. “I’m grateful to and for everyone in my life—both at home and at work.”

Her favorite quote comes from Maya Angelou: “No one can dim the light within you. It’s a matter of being true to yourself and having conviction in your values and beliefs. We can’t let anyone take that away from us.”

And Outside the Office...

Mayra and her hubby have two sons in their 20s, and a two-year-old chocolate lab named Brownie. Brownie takes up a lot of her time, she says, and she loves caring for him.

In what little down time she has, Mayra enjoys TV, walks, and trips to NYC. She likes to visit new places and try different foods.

A recent commitment is reading and studying the Bible…solo. It’s a tall order, but her dedication to the task is unwavering.

Portrait of Mayra