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The moment he had lunch with Tom Mantzouranis, Michael knew he was ready, willing and able to join the Main Street Movers team. Now, he is settled in as a moving consultant with a focus on residential household moves. Though most of his business is in North Jersey, he says he will go anywhere to give an estimate and to help people have the best customer experience in a move.

Michael, a Certified Moving Consultant, has been in the industry for 25 years. From the start of his career, he’s been committed to helping clients customize a moving solution that accommodates their wishes and their budgets. When clients call for a consult, he determines their moving requirements and translates them into an estimate—”and convince them it would be a terrible mistake to hire anyone other than Main Street,” he says, chuckling. But seriously, he is quick to add, it’s important to educate people. Taking the lowest estimate out of 3 just because it’s the lowest is not a prudent strategy. Sometimes the lowest quote comes with several hidden charges “My job is to be transparent and help them understand exactly everything the estimate covers.”

For Michael, it’s the way Main Street educates customers that’s the draw. They provide a lot of information for consumers about what to look for in a move in their blogs, on their website and then through the team of us that goes out into the field to meet with customers. And the team is helpful from the time an individual signs on for a move through the moment until the last bit of furniture is placed in your new space.

And the company’s centricity does not stop with the customers. Main Street is employee centric, too. Everybody knows what’s going on and works together to serve customers. Plus, communication is encouraged among colleagues and with Karen and Tom whose office doors are always open. “It’s a fantastic organization—and a perfect fit for someone like me who likes to talk to people and learn about them and listen to their unique stories.

Values to Live By

He’s a great believer that while adversity is “horrible stuff” it becomes the tapestry of your character. There were struggles in his family growing up, but there were people who supported and guided him along the way. “I could have been bitter,” he says. “Instead I have gratitude to so many who were there for me. I have so much to be thankful for.”

And paying it forward is one of his greatest pleasures. One of his greatest pleasures is all the people with whom he comes in contact in work and in life. One vivid memory involves the elderly woman for whom he orchestrated a move to Georgia accommodating her shoestring budget. And, then there were the two 94-year-old World War II veterans who had so many stories to tell.

Life provides us with so many opportunities, he says. We simply need to take responsibility and be open to the possibilities. “Change starts with you.”

And Outside the Office...

A music lover, Michael plays lots of guitar (“I’m not dreadfully good. I’m pretty good,” he says). One of his greatest joys is listening to his 10-year-old daughter, Demetra, sing. His wife, Kelly, to whom he’s been married for 15 years, is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside, he says.

Though not an active trader, he enjoys following the stock market, particularly equities and learning about the characteristics and actions that make companies great or the lack of qualities that make them stand out.

Portrait of Michael