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Nicole Faccone came to Main Street Movers following 12 years in the mortgage industry as an underwriter. That role, Nicole says, prepared her well for work in the moving industry, because it gave her the total picture of the customer journey. Customers deal with pressures and stresses from the day they sign their purchase contract to the day they sign the closing documents. That’s why Nicole strives to make the moving part of the process as stress-free as possible. The actual move is the final leg of the relocation journey. A moving company must be flexible and solutions-oriented, because it’s dependent upon the completion of other steps in the process for a move to get underway.

As Tom and Karen’s daughter, Nicole was required to learn the moving business from the bottom up when she aspired to join the Main Street team. She started out answering the phone and performing clerical tasks and was even sent out with the crew to pack. Then she was trained in sales, and as a member of Main Street’s sales team, she supports the company mission of valuing customer service above everything else.

Favourite Quote

To be successful you must accept all the challenges that come your way. You can't just accept the ones you like.

Her customers know they can reach her seven days a week, by phone, text or email. “We don’t believe in 9-5 hours,” she says. “If a customer emails on a Sunday, they get a response, even if it’s simply to tell them we will research the answer and get back to them when the office opens on Monday.” Main Street’s entire inside team and outside crews communicate with each other on every move, so that every customer’s experience is seamless.

Her job in sales has allowed her to meet some very nice people. She goes into homes every day, talks to different people and hears about their lives, their families, their heirlooms and their next destination. She’s met people who are moving due to happy reasons like growing families and job promotions and people who are moving due to death or divorce or empty nesting. In each case, her customers have left an impact on her. She’s finds gratification, knowing that she’s been able to help them during such an important time in their lives.

And Outside the Office...

She’s the mother of two: Kalina, 13, and Coley, 8. Her children keep her busy with baseball and softball practices and games.

When not parenting, her fiancé and she are nationally-qualified fitness competitors. She’s also an ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

Portrait of Nicole