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3 Tips For an Easy Holiday Move

The holiday season is off-peak time for packing and moving companies, which can mean more availability from your preferred moving company.

However, poor weather conditions and the hustle and bustle of the holidays can make it more difficult for movers to access buildings, navigate streets, and load and unload items.

Here are some tips to managing a successful move during this time of year. 

Plan Accordingly

You can often begin to plan your move weeks in advance by booking your movers early, packing non-essential items, and organizing to have your utilities shut off. Don’t forget to include a budget in your planning to ensure there aren’t any unexpected costs that might derail your holiday plans.

Have Cash On Hand

Remember the Wu Tang Clan song Cash Rules Everything Around Me? Well, that’s still a thing for most folks – especially during the holidays. If hiring a moving service, try to have cash tips ready for your movers. There are all sorts of ways to calculate what you should give, but budget between $20–60 per person, per day.

And make sure you’ve got the cash in your wallet on ‘go day’ so as not to have to drop everything and run to find an ATM while your movers stand around waiting.

Prioritize Your Time

Yes, it may be a slower season for movers, but it’s a busy time for everyone else. Schedule a few hours where you can focus on packing and organizing your move. Packing in one or two longer time-blocks will be more efficient than if you pack in short, irregular bursts.

If you have kids, schedule a babysitter. If you have a lot of work, take a personal day and avoid scheduling other commitments on the weekend around your packing time.