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3 Ways NJ Protects Your Personal Property During the Move

Moving can bring a variety of feelings and stressors: The joy of moving into a new home, or the sadness and confusion that often comes with selling and packing a loved one’s estate – all while avoiding scams. That’s why we’re proud to be part of the New Jersey Warehouse & Movers Association – a trusted source to find reputable, reliable moving and storage companies. 

Selecting a professional mover is key, and the New Jersey Warehouse & Movers Association helps find the right for you. All members involved in the association – including Main Street Movers – agree to uphold their code of ethics.

When it comes to handling your items, New Jersey provides the following three options to protect your personal property during the move. 

Limited Protection

Option one provides limited protection of $1.00 per pound per article for no additional charge. If lost or damaged, a 100-pound loveseat would be valued at only $100. 

Increased Coverage

Option two provides increased coverage (instead of the $1.00 per pound). For an additional charge, you can declare the value of all property to be moved. The value you declare is the maximum amount you would receive in the unlikely event that the truck and all its contents were destroyed. In the case of damage to items, the items would be repaired or replaced. 

Separate Cargo Insurance

Option three is for the purchase of a separate cargo insurance policy through either the moving company’s insurance carrier or an insurance broker, or insurance company. This type of policy can provide replacement items with or without deductions for depreciation. 

The option you chose must be specified on the Order for Service form, which is your contract with the mover.