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5 Common Items Movers Refuse to Relocate

Sure, you’d like to leave all the packing and transporting to the movers. Unfortunately, there’s more than a handful of items moving companies simply cannot take. Whether it’s a liability or safety issue, movers can refuse to relocate your belongings — with some items restricted based on federal law.

To help you save time and unexpected surprises, we have compiled a list of the main items most moving companies will not transport.

Powered Motors

Thinking of taking your lawn-mower with you? Fuel-powered equipment such as motorcycles and weeding equipment must be drained at least 24 hours in advance of loading. Failing to do so may result in a company’s refusal to move this belonging.


Because of its size and delicateness, moving a piano can require special equipment and experience — and not every moving company will agree to handle the large instrument. It’s best to hire a mover with expertise moving pianos to ensure proper transport and protection.

Plants & Pets

One would think plants would be a non-issue, right? Wrong. Some plants can only be transported with a special permit. Regular, ordinary houseplants can also be denied because of the danger of bringing pests along for the ride in the moving trucks. And just in case you thought it was OK to leave your furry friends with the mover, note that most companies refuse to transport animals to your new location.

Hazardous Equipment

Flammables. Batteries with acid. Kerosene fuel. All three are considered hazardous and won’t be relocated on your behalf. Many common household items like aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, batteries and gasoline are a no-go. Before packing, ask the moving company for a complete list of items they won’t ship.

High-value Items

Your great-grandmother’s wedding ring or anything that has high sentimental or monetary value should stay close to you. Insurance can only cover the current market value of any item. All belongings that involve cash, jewelry, heirlooms or stocks should remain with you.