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5 Things to Avoid on Moving Day

Are you moving anytime soon? If so, you probably know that moving day can be extremely stressful. Though everything seems to be in order, sometimes it can all turn chaotic on the day of the move.

While you can’t control the chaos completely, here are some things to avoid on the big day.

Not Labeling Boxes

Many people put off labeling boxes due to sheer laziness or mental fatigue. They automatically assume that they’ll remember where everything is.

However, those boxes all start to look the same after a long day of moving into a new home. nightmare of trying to find what each box contains and make sure you label all boxes as you pack. It will make the entire packing experience more convenient and the unpacking process faster, saving you time and hassle. You can thank us later!

Not Using Bags

There’s no underestimating the worth of bags! On the day of your move, pack everything from dog food, the last remaining items in the freezer to those tools and little things you find in corners into bags! Ultimately, it is all about convenience and organization above everything else. Do not miss out on your bags!

Ignoring the Floor

When moving into your new home, avoid an extra mess from wet, muddy or dirty shoes by putting down plastic, towels, or even cardboard boxes before you or anyone else takes a step inside. Too many people miss this easy step and are left with disastrous consequences (and extra cleaning) that are simple to avoid!

Moving Little Things First

Shift in the big guns first! Moving in with smaller items first may mean you’ll have to eventually move them again to make space for the big things. So, get the big furniture into your new home straight away before carrying the rest of the boxes and smaller items. Put the larger pieces in zones that they will now occupy, which will help with the unpacking process too.

Not Having a To-Do List

It always helps to create a list of tasks in advance. Not having one on moving day will only lead to more chaos and confusion. Ensure you have all the jobs jotted down, which you can tick off as you go along.

Get In Touch

Moving is always challenging, no matter how much you think otherwise. It always helps to stay relaxed and focus on your priorities ahead of everything else.

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