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5 Tips to Prep Your Heavy & Large Items For a Move

Whether you are moving across town or down the block, you should prepare your furniture in advance for the move. That is especially true for your large and heavy pieces which you won’t want to get damaged in transit. Here are five tips to follow before moving day to keep your furniture in good condition.

Disassemble All Possible Furniture Pieces

It’s important to separate the legs from tables, doors, and shelves from cabinets and hutches, and mirrors and drawers from dressers to make moving and storing them in the moving truck much easier. For drawers that can’t be removed, bind them in place so that they won’t slide out during transport.

We recommend putting hardware in Ziploc bags for safekeeping. Label them to know which screws are for which furniture piece. You can also tape the screws, but the adhesive may stain the material, so be careful. If you have kept the instruction manuals for any of your pieces, you could also put them in the bag with the hardware to help with any reassembly.

Cover & Wrap Furniture Securely

Drape furniture in moving blankets first, and then wrap them in plastic. Make sure the plastic doesn’t touch the furniture as it can damage it if the pieces get hot in the truck. Poke holes in the plastic to avoid mold growth if you plan to keep the furniture wrapped for a while.

Use soft packing paper, bubble wrap, and cardboard to cover the corners and fragile parts of your furniture. Glass doors and shelves should be covered in cardboard and then bubble wrap before being placed into boxes. Put more bubble wrap or crumpled-up newspaper to fill in extra space in the boxes so the glass doesn’t move around.

If you need help with any packing of fragile furniture pieces, Main Street Movers can do it for you! Get a quote for packing your furniture today!

Prep the Rest of Your House For Moving Heavy Items

Protect the house itself from unnecessary damage by taking the extra step of preparing it for moving heavy and large items. Secure blankets on floors and wrap banisters to prevent scuffing and scratching. Remove the doors in the house that the furniture will have to pass through, if necessary.

Have as clear a pathway as possible for moving these pieces. The last thing you want is to have to pick up a heavy object multiple times because you didn’t move other objects out of the way beforehand.

Securely Wrap Mattresses

Mattress covers that envelope mattresses completely add another level of hygienic protection. Make sure to use these and then wrap the mattress in moving blankets and plastic. After the move, you can just wash the mattress cover, and your actual mattress will stay clean and pristine.

If you have a foam mattress, you can use a vacuum to flatten it. This makes moving and storing it in the moving truck an easier task.

Do All Your Preparations Before Moving Day

Do not leave preparing your heavy and large furniture pieces until moving day. This is a time-consuming task, so doing this days before will make moving day a breeze.

Main Street Movers can spearhead all of your moving needs. Contact us today and trust us to move your possessions with care!