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Can Your Moving Company Store Your Belongings?

If you think you might need to store some belongings after your move, consider asking your moving company if they also have a storage facility. Storing your items with the company that you’re moving with provides many benefits.

Some companies provide storage in a traditional facility, while others offer secure storage in a warehouse or truck yard. If the company provides warehousing style storage, they most likely keep your belongings in the pod or truck so you don’t have to worry about unpacking and repacking anything.


Perhaps the greatest advantage of completing this process with a single company is convenience. If you work with separate companies, you must coordinate with the moving team and with the storage facility. You have to make a more detailed schedule to ensure your items arrive on time.

You will also have to work within the parameters of two sets of item storage restrictions rather than one. When you store with a reputable moving company, you already know most of the policies and already have most of the resources you’ll need. Combining these services allows you to keep track of one contract, estimate, and timeline rather than two or three.

Expert Assistance

When you store with a separate company, you may be responsible for unloading your belongings, organizing them within the storage unit, and even reloading them into the truck. If you choose to store and move with the same company, any packing or unpacking is handled by experienced professionals.

Lower Overall Cost

If you know that you will have to cover the cost of storage one way or another, storing with your mover can reduce the overall cost. Not only do you not have to account for the extra cost of storing your belongings on its own but you also won’t have to add on the cost of transporting your possessions from the storage facility separately. Many moving companies also offer package deals when you hire them for multiple services that can decrease your storage costs.

A Great Alternative to Self-Storage

Our mover’s storage is a convenient alternative to self-storage. With self-storage you sign a lease agreement with a storage facility, secure a unit with your own lock and key, and pay the storage facility monthly rent. While your items are secure, they are not contained and are not monitored so you never know what’s packed away in the unit next door.

At Main Street Movers, we take an inventory of your items and their condition when they arrive at our clean, organized warehouse. No protective detail is left undone. We have maximum security measures in place, so you can be sure your items will be kept safe and secure.