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Common Problems When Moving Internationally

An exciting chance that will surely improve your life is moving abroad. Even if there is much to be happy about, you probably feel anxious about the moving process.

If you’re planning to move abroad, read on to learn about some of the problems you may face and how to solve them!

Language Barrier

The first issue that you may face in moving abroad is language issues especially if you’re moving to a country on a different continent.

Once you know you’re moving, begin learning the language as soon as possible. Even if you’re not fluent by the time you arrive, having a grasp of the basics will help you feel more confident when you get there.

Place to Stay

The next major problem in moving abroad that you may face is finding a place to live. Looking for a new house or flat abroad can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. There are always people waiting for foreigners to take advantage of this situation and you may end up losing money as well as getting a place you would hate.

To overcome this, plan beforehand. Search for a place to live on the local websites available in the destination country.

Financial Problem

You may be so worried about the cost that would incur for your move abroad. You have to plan for your travel, freight charges, and so on.

Before entering the nation, do your research and be prepared especially on making financial decisions. And make arrangements for exchange and foreign exchange rates.

Packing & Moving

This would be the greatest problem in moving to a foreign country. You have to take the whole household things or only a few essentials you need.

Some common problems in the international movement of things are listed below.

Delay in Transit Time

This is a common problem in transiting your goods to abroad countries, especially while you are carrying your things through the ship. Make sure to move your goods abroad prior to your flight and get tracking options to track your goods.

Container Shortage

There might be a shortage of containers to your desired destination due to a natural disaster, climate, or any other factors. Make sure to plan ahead.

Labor Shortage

There would be a shortage of labor for packing and moving your goods. In this case, you may have to take things into your own hands. This would affect you to a greater extent. Get professional packers and movers to lessen your work.


The costing factor for packing and moving may differ depending on the movers you choose and the mode of transit of goods you opt for. Make sure that you are choosing the right packers and movers services at the appropriate rate.

Risk of Damage

As with every move, there’s a chance that your possessions may be damaged. Be sure to get adequate insurance to cover the cost of any damages that may occur! To have a happy and safe international move you have to plan this prior to your departure. We at Main Street Movers help you in packing and moving and we provide special services too. Give us a call to find out more.