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Handling Unusual & Special Possessions

Cherised, Costly & Fragile. The 11 To-Dos of Special Handling

Some items have special meaning or incredible monetary value. Typically, these possessions are also fragile and require extra care. Some of these include:

Here are some helpful tips on the materials you’ll need and the how-to’s of packing these items securely. Materials include:

And, remember, all boxes and containers that house these items must be marked fragile.


Small & Medium-sized Mirrors

These are typically not very valuable and can be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside a box with other mirrors or pictures. You can also fill larger boxes with other items that are carefully wrapped to add the extra security that will hold your mirror in place.

Large Mirrors

Wrap a wool blanket around the mirror after you have covered it in bubble wrap. Request specialized corner covers or add another layer of bubble wrap for protection.

Valuable & Extra-large Mirrors

You are going to need purpose-made boxes or wooden crates where the insides are layered with foam. These crates can be quite expensive.

Paintings, Sculptures, Collectables & Glass-covered Artwork

Paintings With Glass in the Frame

Tape the glass with an X across it. Cover the glass with thick corrugated cardboard or a foam sheet then wrap the whole painting in a layer of bubble wrap. Secure all edges with masking tape.

Two Pieces of Art in One Box

Face the prints inwards toward each other. Fill extra space with crushed paper or packing filling.

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are different than those covered in glass as they need extra special care so that the surface of the painting is not damaged in the move.

Large, heavy paintings or extremely valuable paintings require a custom-made box for transport to provide optimal protection.

Other Paintings

Wrap the painting with glassine paper. This is a bit like wax paper but is specially designed for wrapping paintings. Overlay the glassine paper and wrap the whole painting in bubble wrap. Use construction foam strips of the same depth (or larger) than the painting and apply around the entire frame. Cut some cardboard sheets and tape one on each side, covering the package. The whole package should then be put inside a picture box and taped securely.

Large & Fragile Artwork

The size and irregular shape of these items make them difficult to pack.

Expensive or Very Heavy Sculptures

Pack these in crates.

Smaller Items

Pack in boxes if they are well protected. You should wrap the figurine or sculpture in bubble wrap to a thickness that prevents you from feeling the figurine inside the package. Do not leave any exposed areas. Secure it well to prevent movement and breakage. Fill the box itself with packing paper or packing peanuts. The heavier the sculpture, the more peanuts you should use. Secure the box with tape.

TVs, Sound Systems & Electronics

All electrical items require antistatic bubble wrap to prevent damage. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to move the item. Before taking any item apart, label the points at which wires connect to make for easier set up.

Flat-screen TVs

Wrap a blanket or towel around the TV and seal with packing tape to prevent scratching the screen. Wrap antistatic bubble wrap around the entire package. If moving yourself, make sure more than one person carries the item. Try to keep the TV upright to reduce possibility of screen damage.

Sound Systems

Coil all unplugged wires neatly and tie them with tape or string. Stick them securely to the unit itself so that they don’t get lost in transit. Wrap the system in layers of bubble wrap (make sure it’s antistatic) and secure everything with tape. Place everything in a box, surrounding and covering with newspaper for added protection. Close the box and seal with tape.

How to Handle Special Possessions