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Help Your Senior Relative With a Late-Life Move

Moving out of a home can take its toll especially if it’s a senior member of the family who is going through the relocation process. You can help your aging relative with a late-life move by assisting them in identifying the right company to help with the relocation.

Initiate the Process Early

Once you confirm that your senior relative is in fact moving, you should initiate the process of identifying a mover right away, as the best ones tend to book the fastest. The process can be time-consuming because you’ll want to compare quotes and check customer reviews.

Opt for the Services of a Local Provider

When you hire the services of a local home moving service provider, visit the office ahead of time and interact with the staff to understand how the moving process is planned and executed. Additionally, you can check on the equipment they use and the safety measures they adopt. If you are satisfied with what you learn, you can recommend the service provider to your senior relative.

Check If the Service Provider Offers Special Services for Senior Citizens

Some moving companies have a lot of experience moving senior citizens. They understand that they may be dealing with a relative rather than the senior him or herself when coordinating the details of the move. While searching for a mover, make sure you confirm that they are comfortable with a senior relocation move. You may even want to hire a mover that offers additional services for your aging relative such as packing assistance.

Get Quotes, Terms & Conditions in Writing

While looking for a home relocation service for your senior relative, getting quotes from various providers in writing is recommended. Also, ask for the terms and conditions in writing and check if there are any hidden charges or fees. Having what providers offer on paper will make it easy to compare services offered and costs.

Check Customer Reviews

Before settling on a mover, check their customer reviews online and on social media. These reviews can be quite insightful and provide you with a good sense of what your own experience will be like. Additionally, you can ask friends and family who have used the provider’s services for their feedback on the service.

Pay Attention to the Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is the official record that binds the customer and the service provider. Before inking the formal contract, you must read and understand them. The bill of lading will have information like how the cost of the move is calculated and how much some additional services will cost, among other details.

Moving can be an emotional experience for a senior, especially if they have lived at the residence for a long period of time. If you’re looking for a smooth and hassle-free move for your loved one, recommend the Senior Relocation services offered by Main Street Movers.

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