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Helpful Tips to Avoid Getting Injured on Moving Day

Most likely, you’ve been planning your move for months or even years. While your mind is likely running 100 miles per hour with all the things that you need to do, it’s time to slow it down. Here are some helpful tips that you’ll want to implement to help prevent your family from getting injured during moving day.

Plan Ahead of Time

There’s no better combination for increasing the risk of moving injuries than waiting until the last minute to plan everything out. You’ll end up running around in circles and likely moving more items than your body can safely handle. By taking the time to properly plan out how you’re going to undertake your move, you will have less on your mind and more likely to avoid movements that can cause injury to your body.

Hire a Pro

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of physical labor that your family will need to output on moving day is to simply hire a professional. A pro will have people who regularly move items and are taught safety instructions that they utilize during every job. Additionally, they’ll have the appropriate equipment to ensure that all of your items get moved safely.

Put a Maximum Weight Limit on Your Boxes

A great way to ensure that your family doesn’t get injured during moving day is to simply keep your boxes under a specific weight. Instead of packing each box full of 100 pounds, opt for setting a maximum weight limit of 40 or 50 pounds. This will help to ensure that everyone in your family can safely lift each box without straining themselves. You can also add the word “heavy” on boxes at the higher end of this weight limit so they’re not a surprise to the person lifting them.

Get the Right Equipment

If you’re planning on doing all of the physical moving yourself, then you need to invest in the right equipment. A furnace or appliance dolly can help to save your back. Moving straps can easily allow you and another person to move objects that would be overly heavy without them. Some of these objects you can purchase or even rent from your local hardware store.

Dress Appropriately

What you physically wear is going to have a large impact on your ability to properly and safely move your items. Have gloves ready for those who will be moving objects to help reduce their risk of experiencing scratches or cuts. Have closed-toed shoes like boots that will help to reduce the mobility of your ankle during twisting movements to avoid injury. Even investing in a simple back brace can help to reduce the wear and tear on your body. If you have any pre-existing injuries, consider using protection, like a knee brace, to help stabilize those areas.

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