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How to Avoid Being a Victim of Fraud When Hiring a Moving Company

Moving companies have suffered a bad reputation due to the unfortunate behavior of some bad actors. We, at Main Street Movers, are an active member of the New Jersey Warehouse & Movers Association, which promotes professionalism among movers.

In an effort to better inform consumers, we compiled a list of some red flags and indicators of fraud when first interacting with a moving company. 

Cash Only

Sometimes you can get a better deal when you pay your moving company in cash. However, if the movers will only accept cash, it may be a scam. Credit card payments leave a trail and the ability to dispute a charge.

A legitimate moving company will accept multiple forms of payment, including credit payments.

Large Deposits Required

Most legitimate moving companies will only ask for a small down payment up front. In fact, many movers don’t even ask for a down payment at all—instead, you simply pay upon delivery.

A company that asks for a significantly higher down payment is likely to be a scam. This is because there is nothing compelling them to even show up on moving day once they have a down payment.

Not Registered or Licensed

Contact various reputable moving companies and check their credentials, including their registration and insurance.

You can look up a moving company’s registration on the FMCSA site by looking up their USDOT number.

Also make sure they’re licensed by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA).