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How to Be a Good Neighbor in the New Year

It’s no overstatement that the past couple of years have been like no other. Perhaps someone you know is going through a rough patch, or know someone who is.

Because we never know what someone is going through, we encourage you (as well as ourselves) to be good to each other and to your neighbors.

Here are some friendly reminders and tips on how you too can be a good neighbor.

Offer Them a Treat

Leave a bag with treats on a neighbor’s doorstep with a note saying that you’re just thinking about them or really appreciate them. During this Omicron surge, maybe even a COVID-19 care package might come in handy. 

Maintain Your Property Well

The spring selling season starts in the beginning of January. So little things — such as keeping the grass cut, clearing leaves or picking up toys and bicycles — are greatly appreciated if your neighbors are thinking of putting their home on the market. Keep lawns and gardens well-tended, with regular mowing and weeding, and seasonal maintenance.

Look After Their Home

One of the disadvantages of travelling is that it makes a home vulnerable to theft. If a neighbor is leaving town, offer to look after their house while they’re gone.

Or, perhaps they need a pet sitter for a few days.

Be Considerate

As much as you might want to tackle some home improvement projects during time off, schedule noisy activities, like repairs or remodeling, for regular daytime hours. Let your neighbors know in advance about anything that might be disruptive.