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How to Move Art & Valuable Items

Moving art pieces can be one of the most challenging tasks. These items are usually fragile and valuable and must be handled with extreme care. Here are some tips to help make this process a little easier without causing any damage to the art pieces.

Use Heavy-Duty Picture Boxes

Heavy-duty boxes are specifically designed to protect your items from damage during the moving process. They are made of thick, sturdy cardboard and have reinforced corners to prevent crushing.

Additionally, they are lined with a soft material to avoid scratches.

Use Glassine For Wrapping

When moving art pieces or other valuable items, it is essential to use glassine for wrapping. Glassine is a thin, transparent paper used to wrap delicate items. It is acid-free and will not damage your valuable belongings. Glassine is also static-resistant, so it will not attract dust or dirt.

Use Masking Tape Wherever Needed

One way to secure your precious items is to use masking tape. This will help to keep things safe and secure during the move. When packing the items, wrap them securely in bubble wrap or another type of padding. Then, use the masking tape to secure the wrapping. This will help to keep the items from shifting during the move and potentially getting damaged.

Use Corner Protectors

Corner protectors help to prevent damage to the corners of the items, which can be easily damaged during a move. They also help to keep things in place and prevent them from sliding around during the activity.

Use Bubble Wrap for Extra Layer of Protection

When moving art pieces or other valuable items, it’s crucial to use bubble wrap for an extra layer of protection. Bubble wrap provides a cushioning effect that helps prevent damage during transport. Place the bubble wrap around the item and cover all sides. You can then secure the bubble wrap in place with tape. This will help ensure that your items arrive safely at their destination.

Place the Boxes Strategically

If you’re moving art pieces or other valuable items, it’s essential to place the boxes strategically. You’ll want to avoid putting them in areas where they’ll be subject to excessive jostling or bumps, as this could damage the contents.

Instead, try to put them in a central location where they’ll be safe and secure. If possible, wrap each item and cushion with packing material to protect them further. With some care, you can ensure that your valuable items arrive at your new home safely and in good condition.

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