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How to Move Sustainably

Humans tend to accumulate junk and items that are harmful to the environment on a daily basis. Plastic water bottles, Amazon boxes, straws – the list goes on. And when it comes time to move from one home to another, there’s even more waste.

Thankfully there’s a number of different eco-friendly solutions for a successful move.

Purchase or Rent Reusable Boxes or Bins

Avoid single-use cardboard boxes. Instead of purchasing new boxes, you can rent reusable boxes or bins. You can also avoid using only boxes and use large suitcases you already own to transport your belongings. If you’re using a moving company, make sure they are eco-friendly.

Ask us about our reusable packing boxes.

Go Green All Around

Make sustainable moves after you move. You can register for paperless utility bills, install solar panels, buy energy efficient appliances, buy eco-friendly paints, and invest in rechargeable batteries. Reduce water waste by getting a water-conserving showerhead and if allowed, start composting food waste and buy LED lights.

Buy Used Goods for Your New Home

You might already know someone who did a fun and inexpensive purchase from Facebook Marketplace. A good way to ensure you are maintaining a green move is to purchase your goods used on sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or at repurposing stores. Just make sure you don’t go alone when picking up items from an internet transaction.

Make Sure the Movers Are Sustainable

Ask the following questions to see if your movers are eco-friendly:

Whether you’re moving from your long-time home, or relocating offices along with your employees, we’re a reputable and accountable moving company. You can breathe easy knowing that Main Street’s professional team of movers and installers guarantees you a sustainable move as well as a smooth and successful one.