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How to Plan a Commercial Move

Finally, you’ve found the perfect place to relocate your business. And it all seems exciting; packing, moving, a fresh start and all. But thinking about how it has to be done appears to be a Herculean task.

Certainly, commercial moves are more complicated than residential moves as it involves moving a lot of electronic equipment and sensitive documents. And also, it has to be in a manner that shouldn’t affect the overall functioning of your business. As you have high stakes to be dealt with, the planning has to be flawless.

Here are the tips that will help you in planning your commercial move.

First Phase

Assemble Your To-Do List & Notes

Make sure you’ve got all of the notes and to-do lists in one place so that you wouldn’t have to find yourself in a chaotic situation later.

Inform Everyone About the Move

Keep in mind that you have to contact your service providers to let them know of your move so that they can transfer the services you need on time. Also, inform your employees about the important days of the move. And don’t forget to contact your landlord to confirm if there are any restrictions like usage of elevators, timings, etc. Most importantly, don’t forget your customers. Ensure that they know your new location in case they need your service in the future.

Make a List of Things to Be Moved

Now, this is an unavoidable step if you want to have a smooth transfer. Make sure whether you’re moving a particular item or replacing it. Then list all of the things that must be transferred to the new place. In case of personal items of the employees, advise them to bring them to the new place when it reopens. Consider donating or recycling the items that were not much of a use.

Visit the New Location Before Moving

You have to be familiar with the surroundings of the new location before you move. And make an elaborate plan on how you should move the office supplies.

Contact a Moving Company

Find a great relocation company and contact them as soon as possible. The earlier you contact, the easier it will be for you to get the moving date you want.

Second Phase

Arrange a Cleaning Service

Before you move, make sure the place you intend to move to is in a good state to move your things so that it won’t cause you any trouble.

Label Your Items

Arrange your items accordingly and consider color coding them to easily recognize them and keep track of where everything is

Don’t Do It All on Your Own

Although you may tend to do all the work, it’d be better if you assign each member of a team as an overseer of their department’s belongings.

Organize the Unpacked Items

Finally, it has happened; your move was successful and smooth! Now it’s time for you to unpack and organize the things and assign your employees their desks.