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How We Charge

Understanding Your Estimate from Main Street Movers

Quality. Integrity. Transparency. Excellent Service. These are the cornerstones of Main Street Movers and the characteristics on which we’ve staked our reputation.

In accordance with our belief in transparency and open communications with our customers, we want to explain how we charge.

Please note that rates are valid for 14 business days. Thereafter, rates are subject to change.

Local Hourly Moves

If we are doing a direct move (residence to residence), the working time starts when we arrive at the origin location and will continue through until you are satisfied that the move is complete at your destination. 

If there is a hold-over (a day or more where we keep items on the truck before delivering), then the working time will start when we arrive at origin and will stop when the crew arrives back at our terminal. On delivery day, it will start from our terminal and continue through until you are satisfied the move is complete at destination. 

The total cost will be based on the actual working time it takes to perform your move. Time is calculated in 15-minute intervals. 

Weight-based Moves

All moves coming into our storage facility and/or moves that are delivering 120 miles or more from origin are charged based on weight. All trucks are weighed at a certified scale before loading and then reweighed after loading. Subtracting one weight from the other gives us the actual weight of the shipment. 

Minimum Charges

Dispatching a crew requires a basic cost for labor and equipment whether the crew does an hour’s worth of work or more. Our minimum charge covers that cost. That is either hourly or weight-based depending on the move and varies dependent on whether the move takes place in a peak or non-peak season. 

Travel Time

This is a separate line item that is designed for the return trip of the crew and is calculated based on the hourly rate. Depending on the distance, this charge could range anywhere from a half hour (.5) to three hours (3) and is a fixed rate. 

Fuel & Toll Surcharge

These are charges designed to offset the rising cost of fuel and tolls

Additional Material Charge

This is for the materials used in prepping and protecting your furniture like tape, shrink wrap, etc.

Metro Charge

This charge is due to the greatly increased expense of servicing some cities and has become necessary to offset some of that cost.


Packing is calculated on a per unit basis. The cost includes the material and labor.

Monthly Storage

Your monthly storage fee is in addition to any and all moving costs. Your storage rate will be calculated based on the weight of your shipment; the cost is per hundred pounds per month plus applicable sales tax. When items are stored in our warehouse, moving blankets will be provided at no additional cost.

Delivery Out of Storage

Your account must be paid in full, including all delivery out fees (as outlined on the estimate), before the truck is loaded and dispatched for delivery.

How We Charge