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Moving in Bad Weather

Safeguard Your Belongings When the Sun Don't Shine

The day of your move is right around the corner. You’re personally organized, packed everything, taken care of all the administrative details of changing your location and have synced the logistics with your mover.

But there’s one thing you can’t control. The weather. What if on your moving day, the sun doesn’t shine and a storm is brewing? Already, visions of soaked boxes, wet clothes and ruined furniture are dancing in your head.

The No Nightmare Move

Fact is, though, moving in bad weather doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Do your homework beforehand and cover the what if’s of gloomy weather by asking the right questions when you’re interviewing movers. If you cover your bases, you won’t have to fret a move when, as they say, the “sun don’t shine.”

Cardboard & Duct Tape: A Truly Strong Combo

For starters, rest assured. Those cardboard moving boxes are a lot more durable than you think. At Main Street as an added precaution, we’re also offering roomy vinyl boxes that give even extra protection.

If your accredited mover is packing for you, make sure the company will seal your boxes strong with packing tape so that rain or shine, everything will survive the move. At Main Street, we also provide helpful instructions on secure packing if you’re packing yourself.

Super Secure Setup

Bad weather requires extra precautions. Ask beforehand and follow up on the day of the move to make sure your mover takes these steps to safeguard your belongings:

Home Prep Old & New

Your mover must also protect your old and new home. Be certain that floors are lined with vinyl covering to avoid spotting and other damage. Extra coverage and padding around outside doors will also ensure that the move team doesn’t track in any water or mud.

Organization Matters

Make sure your mover will provide you with an adequately staffed moving team. This will make the loading and unloading progress quickly and efficiently. That will be a real payoff on moving day and prevent from undue trekking in-and-out of both houses.

It’s also advisable to confirm ahead of time that the team will be appropriately dressed for bad weather as much for their safety, your liability and less potential damage to your belongings. Slippery ground can make it dangerous to carry heavy boxes and cumbersome items.

Added Precautions

You also can’t overlook the condition of your movers’ vehicles. Though that’s a harder issue to determine ahead of time, ask about the company’s vehicle upkeep. And don’t be shy. On a bad weather day, take a look inside the moving truck to make certain as best as you can that no water is leaking in. Should you observe wetness, again, don’t be shy. Demand they send another truck.

Having heat in your new house is a plus on a bad weather moving day. Make sure you’ve thought ahead to have the electric or gas activated. It creates better conditions for you and the movers and will make for a more efficient move.

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