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Moving in New Jersey

A Written Estimate: Your Best Defense Against Horrific Moving-day Surprises

You can still end up a victim on moving day, even if you’re relocating to another house or town in New Jersey. Dealing with a mover who provides you with a detailed written estimate is your best defense against a horrific moving day experience.

The New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association have highlighted the dangers of using unlicensed movers and how to stay safe when planning a move:

Video courtesy of NJWMA

Good Movers vs Bad Movers

It’s an undisputable fact. There are two types of movers: good movers and bad ones.  The good movers are not only licensed, but also are fully insured, boast a superior track record and enjoy an outstanding reputation. The State of New Jersey requires moving companies to perform thorough in-home or virtual surveys in order to prepare a detailed written estimate. All reputable movers comply with this rule.

Professional estimators within relocation companies assess what you are looking to move, identify any issues with access and provide you with a written estimate.

But some movers quote their minimum price for a small move or may quote ball park prices by phone. Beware of these companies because phone quotes or ball park estimates are nowhere near the accuracy of an in-person estimate. In fact, oftentimes, these quotes are not realistic. What’s more, they cannot be used for comparing companies.

Without an onsite or virtual assessment and the completion of a written or online form, it is impossible for a mover to know the type of furniture you have, the handling that will be required to maneuver the furniture out of your home and what amount of packing or crating may be required. And, you can be sure that all these things will affect cost.

We strongly advise consumers to beware of moving companies that quote prices over the internet or on the phone—especially because the lowest price quoted may not be the price you will end up paying!


Movers are legally allowed to ask for payment before they unload your furniture.

Plus, a binding price can be changed even if:

Remember: If the scope of your move has changed from the original quote, ask your mover to revisit your home again and provide you with a revised estimate. A reputable mover will always be happy to do this.

Vetting Process

Reputable movers have been vetted to ensure they are properly licensed and meet the highest industry standards. And, at Main Street Movers, we are proud to say we have met and exceeded this vetting process.

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