Moving Timeline

Getting Ready For a Move Takes Time. Plan Ahead & Stay Organized

When you’re planning for a move, almost everything you do will take longer than you expect. Use that thought as a motivator to stay on track. Then make your mantra: Plan ahead and stay organized.

Here’s a timeline to help you to just that.

8 weeks before

  • Pick a mover
  • Make an inventory of everything you plan on moving
  • Decide what goes in the truck, car or trash
  • Consider where you want to place furniture your new home

6 weeks before

  • Clean out closets
  • Have a yard sale
  • Transfer academic records to your kids’ new school
  • Transfer medical records to your new doctor

4 weeks before

  • Confirm the booking with your moving company
  • Arrange to have the movers come over two days before moving day, if they are packing for you
  • Get boxes and packing tape if you are packing yourself
  • Start packing out-of-season clothing and other items you won’t need right away
  • Fill out change-of-address cards at the post office
  • Notify friends, family, the bank and your insurance agent of your new address
  • Send a change-of-address email to publishers for your magazine subscriptions
  • Collect all your important papers, such as birth certificates, passports, and medical and dental records

3 weeks before

  • Arrange to have the utilities disconnected a few days after the move
  • Get the utilities set up at your new residence
  • Start packing room by room
  • Arrange for a babysitter on moving day if you need one
  • Reserve the freight elevator in your building for moving day

2 weeks before

  • Arrange to move plants and pets
  • Get rid of items you’re not allowed to move, such as gasoline and propane
  • Keep packing
  • Consider hiring a plumber or electrician to disconnect appliances you plan to move

1 week before

  • Open your new bank accounts if you’re making a long-distance move
  • Make sure you have enough medication to last through the move
  • Have your doctor write a new prescription you can fill after you move
  • Disconnect any appliances you’ll be movin
  • Drain gas and oil from any power equipment you’ll be moving
  • Finish packing
  • Pack a bag of first-night essentials, including a broom, dustpan, garbage bags and light bulbs

Moving Day

  • Supervise the move
  • Strip your beds
  • Ensure that everything gets on the truck