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Need to Move Your Piano? Here’s Why You Need Professional Help

A piano is a unique percussion instrument, producing soulful melodies and creating majestic impressions in any room it’s placed in. But just like how playing it is an art, moving it is one too.

This beautiful instrument is heavy, but it is also delicate, sensitive to pressure, and incredibly expensive. Whether you’re changing a piano’s location within your home, moving it to a new city, or across the country, it is worth hiring a professional moving service to relocate it.

This article breaks down why you need professional help with moving your piano. Keep reading to learn more.

They Handle it With Care

Whether you own a grand, baby grand, or console piano, you’ll want it moved with absolute care. However, most generic movers are not equipped with the right tools and expertise to shift such a delicate instrument.

It’s a smart move to hire a moving partner that offers a specialized piano moving service. They will take great care to ensure that your piano is transported safely and comfortably, no matter the distance.

Prioritize Safety

Attempting to move a heavy instrument like a piano can result in injuries if done carelessly. You and your buddies could pull a muscle when trying to move a piano on your own. Your wrists could get sore with all the heavy lifting, not to mention twisted ankles.

Even if family members and friends offer to help out, this activity shouldn’t be handled by amateurs who risk hurting themselves in the process. So leave moving the piano to the professionals as they know what they’re doing and take the necessary precautions to ensure their personal safety.

Keep the Piano Safe

A piano, if moved incorrectly, can register all kinds of damage. It can get scratches, the wooden exterior can crack, the strings can snap, not to mention the legs and pedals can break.

Even if the piano looks fine from the outside, a poorly executed move can influence the mechanics of the piano, making it sound off-key post the move.

This delicate, fragile instrument needs to be moved with care, or you will incur thousands of dollars in repair costs. Professional movers understand these nuances and will plan the move and execute it like clockwork.

Avoid Damaging Your Home & Finances

A piano is a wide, heavy instrument that requires adequate space so that it is moved carefully and does not get damaged. An amateur approach might result in damage to your home. You may soon have broken doors, tiles, and other objects if it is not moved properly.

You also need to consider that any insurance claims you file for your home or piano may have difficulties proving beneficial. Look up your insurance terms and conditions before executing the move. Talk to professionals to ensure that your piano is moved safely and without any damage occurring to it or your property.

Whether you’re a professional musician or someone who plays for leisure, your piano probably holds wonderful memories for you and might even be one of your most treasured belongings.

So it is important to be careful about how it is handled when moving. Main Street Movers offer a specialized piano moving service to ensure that your piano is handled with the care it deserves to preserve those memories and help you make more of them!

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