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Our Packing & Moving Process

Carefully, Tidily, Transparently & on Time

Whether we’re talking to prospective customers or to customers who have turned to Main Street Movers for moving services one or more times, they all say the same thing. They are looking for a mover who will pack and transport their belongings properly and with care, deliver them on time and in good condition, and leave both the home to which they are moving and their new home clean and tidy.

We’ve set our standards high for each of our more than 10,000 successful moves. In fact, we know our customers are happy because they tell us again and again that we’ve handled their move professionally and exceeded their expectations.

They also report that they value our transparency and communication from estimate to logistics planning through execution. We’re particularly happy to hear this because we think of each move as a partnership in which our customers and Main Street support each other from beginning to end…from the estimate through moving day when the last piece of furniture is placed in a customer’s new home and beyond when we immediately check to make sure  we’ve dotted every i and crossed every t and then some.

To help you stay on track and know what to expect, we’d like to take you through the process.

Before Moving Day

Sealing the Deal

You sign the estimate and other important forms sent by your customer service rep and pay the $250 deposit.

Continuous Communication

Because we know that the relocation process has many moving parts, our customer service rep will communicate with you regularly.

Oftentimes, things change from the original estimate. For example, closing dates are always changing and additional items are sometimes added or eliminated after the initial estimate has been prepared and agreed upon.

We are happy to accommodate any changes. So that there are no surprises or misunderstandings at the end of move day, we will clearly communicate both verbally and in writing the amended changes and charges.


Full Packing Process

When customers opt for our full, expert packing services, our trained packers will arrive at your home with all the packing materials necessary to completely pack your household goods. Because of our experience with diverse clients and moving scenarios, we can accurately gage how long it will take to pack. The size of the move is typically the determining factor. For small moves, we are comfortable performing this service the day before your move. Larger jobs generally take two or more days.

Note: For small moves, we may pack on the same day as we perform your move.

Partial Packing Process

Many customers opt for our partial packing service. With this service, you pack most of your belongings, and our professional packers assist in packing your breakables and specialty items. These include pictures, artwork, glassware, china, antiques, flat screen TVs, and other fragile objects.

Our Technique

Whether full or partial packing service is selected, our expert packing specialists use specific techniques to safeguard your belongings so that you won’t have to keep your fingers crossed with the random hope that your valuables arrive in one piece.

Cushioning for Safety

Cushioning packing material is used liberally. We believe it’s better to spend a little more on proper packing than to see your treasured items broken or destroyed.

Custom-sized Boxing

When necessary, we resize boxes to fit unusually shaped items. This may mean cutting down a box or creating a single box out of two or more boxes.

Double-Box Technique

For very delicate items, we may employ our “double box” technique. We carefully pack the item in a box, then pack the sealed box within another box, using plenty of packing material.


We tape all the seams of each carton, which provides extra strength and security.

Marking & Labelling

We clearly mark and label each box, so that you are not left searching through numerous boxes looking for a specific item.

Safekeeping Hardware & Remotes

We put all hardware and remotes in a baggy and label them, making your life that much less stressful after the move.

Blanket Wrapped

Each piece of furniture is blanket wrapped to protect it—and your walls—from dents and bruises.

Upholstered Furniture & Mattresses

All upholstered furniture is shrink-wrapped, and mattresses are placed in specially designed plastic bags. This helps to keep these items clean and protect them from damage.

Items that require special handling are packed in customized wooden boxes to safely transport them to their destination. These include marble or glass table tops, artwork or large mirrors, special antiques, large flat screen TVs, or other high-value objects.


Your piano is blanket wrapped before it leaves your home. If it is to be moved up or down stairs, we secure it to a special piano board as an extra measure of protection. Pianos typically weigh a lot, so we use a special soft-wheeled piano dolly to protect your hardwood and tile floors. We use the special piano board for all baby grand pianos, and we remove the hinges and top cover, wrapping it separately, to avert damage.

Packing on Your Own

If you’ve opted out of our expert packing services, we request that you pack your household goods into boxes. The packing process takes longer than most people think. Begin at least two weeks in advance.

Even then, customers often call us to help get the packing done.

We’re happy to help, but please give us at least a few days’ notice!

Drawer Contents

Customer empties any drawers that contain loose items and liquids (like perfume). Clothing and linens may be left inside dresser drawers. Delicate or antique furniture must be emptied.

Loading & Unloading

Parking Spots Close to Your Home

It’s important for you to secure a favorable parking spot for the moving truck on moving day. This is especially necessary if you live in a condominium or apartment complex., because it is important that our truck be as close to your home as possible.

Arrival Time

Our operations department will contact you the day before to give you an estimated time of arrival.

Floor Protection

We lay out a floor protection where needed.

Padding for Banisters

We pad your bannisters to protect them from dings and scratches.

Wall Protection

We place specialized protection for your walls.

Truck Loading Methods

Your belongings are carefully wrapped and loaded onto our truck by our crew members, who have undergone specialized training in the proper methods of loading. These methods maximize space in the moving truck and, more importantly, lock your belongings in place inside the truck to minimize undue damage.

Origin Residence Walk-through

We conduct a final walk-through of the origin residence with you to be sure that all the items that we were to move have been loaded onto the moving truck.


Collect Our Items & Dispose of Trash

We collect all blankets and tools, as well as empty boxes, shrink wrap and packing materials that we’ve provided. All recyclables are recycled at our corporate headquarters. We collect and dispose of any trash that we have generated or take it with us for disposal.

Check All Items Have Been Unloaded

We fold all moving blankets and place them inside the truck. This is an important step since, with up to 100 or more moving blankets in the truck, we want to be certain that none of your belongings are hiding under the piles.

Walk-through Checkup

We conduct a walk-through of the home with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We ask that you complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey to ensure that you are pleased with our service as well as to gather feedback on ways we can improve. Please feel free to complete and return your form to us a day or so following your move when you’ve had some time to settle in.

Payment Due

At this point, payment is due to Main Street Movers. We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, and credit cards. On long distance moves, checks must be certified and credit cards pre-authorized.

Checklist for Hiring a Moving Company