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Packing & Moving Tips for Cutlery & Other Fragile Items

Any relocation process begins with the task of packing your things, whether you are looking for a local or intercity move. And, when you have fragile precious items involved, it can become one of the most nerve-wracking parts of moving.

It is natural to be concerned that these products might break or be damaged during transit. Your fragile belongings could include your cutlery, expensive crockery, picture frames, jewelry, etc. which have great monetary and sentimental value. They should be handled with additional care, as moving involves a lot of handling of boxes.

Here are some tips that would definitely help you in the safe transport of these delicate and highly breakable items.

Plan Before Packing

Detailed planning is required to properly pack delicate items. This can be done by preparing a packing checklist. A list like this can help you plan your packing by deciding which packing supplies you will use to pack your belongings safely, for delivery to your new home.

Use Small-Sized Moving Boxes for Fragile Goods

Smaller boxes are lighter to carry and less likely to cause damage to your fragile items when they collide. Make sure you fill any extra gaps with lots of padding or newspaper, reducing the risk of any damage during the move.

Don’t Use Flimsy Boxes

The boxes that are thicker and more durable should be used to pack your fragile items. Moving boxes made of flimsy, inexpensive materials puts your possessions’ safety in jeopardy while being handled. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Tape the Bottom of Moving Boxes

To ensure that the weight of the items within the boxes doesn’t cause them to break open, secure the bottom of the moving boxes with additional strips of packing tape.

Cushion the Bottom of the Box With Packing Material

You can add extra support to the bottom of the moving boxes by padding them with packing paper, bubble wrap foam, or even towels. Once everything is packed fill in the spaces that remain empty.

Pack the Heaviest Items on the Bottom

To create a solid foundation for the moving boxes, place the heavier goods at the bottom. Place the smaller and lighter items on the top of the boxes, to prevent them from being crushed by the weight of the heavier objects.

Fill Hollow Items With Packing Paper

Crockery items such as cups, bowls, glasses, and other glassware with hollow spaces should be filled with packing paper to help soften vibrations.

Clearly Label Delicate Items

Each box that contains fragile items should be very clearly labeled. Place these boxes in a separate area and inform the movers to handle them with extra caution. This way they can pack the labeled boxes in the truck accordingly.

Take Your Time

It’s tempting to want to hurry through the packing process when moving out of your house. However, it is important to take your time and slow down when packing fragile items, to ensure a smooth moving process.