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Questions to Ask Your Moving Company Before the Moving Process

Finally, the time has come—you’re moving to a new place as you’ve always wanted to. And now it is time to make arrangements to move. Numerous responsibilities lie ahead, from buying needed supplies to packing your belongings carefully. But what about the task of choosing a good moving company? Have you considered any?

When it comes to finding the best moving company, you should have an approach of “dip-the-toe-in-the-water-first” rather than a “head-first” approach.

Above all, you must be assured that your belongings are in the right hands to avoid any unwanted circumstances. This is why you must ask questions of the moving company before choosing one.

Here are some questions that you can ask to help find the right moving company.

What Types Of Liability Coverage Does Your Company Offer?

We can’t completely neglect the probability of mishaps that may happen. In those situations, you might need coverage for them. Because of this, you should make sure the moving company has multiple liability coverage options from which you can choose. A licensed interstate mover has to provide two kinds of coverage options, namely, Full Value and Released Value protection.

Do You Provide a Binding Estimate?

Sometimes, the moving companies may offer you a low estimate in the beginning, but the cost will change afterward. In reality, we can’t entirely rely on these estimates unless the company offers a binding estimate. If the moving company doesn’t offer them, it’d be best to be aware of it earlier. If you’re opting for companies that don’t offer these precise estimates, you must consider the possibility of varying charges as per the weight of your belongings and time. This way, you can avoid unpleasant bill surprises.

Is Your Company Licensed?

It has been found that approximately 1,400 moving scams happen in a year, which costs Americans 2.1 million dollars on average. To protect yourself from these scams, you must make sure the company is properly licensed through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Do You Have Any Prior Experience With My Particular Type Of Move?

Ask the moving company about their experience with your specific type of move. If you’re shifting to a high-rise apartment building or a metropolitan area, ask the company whether they have done anything similar before. Movers should be prepared for anything like steep stairs, parking restrictions, lack of elevators, etc.

Do You Have References?

Request for references before hiring a company to move your belongings. When asked, they should be able to give you all the information you need.

Before hiring a moving company, consider asking someone you know for recommendations when looking for moving companies. This may help you find the best one that can be trusted.

Choosing a company with a remarkable reputation is the best way to ensure the safety of your belongings while moving. If you need any help with relocation, get in touch with Main Street Movers. Our team of professionals can move your belongings safely. Contact us today to get started.