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Safety Tips for Moving When You Have Kids or Pets

Moving is a complicated process in and of itself; adding children and pets to the mix can make it seem overwhelming. Changes in routine can generate stress and anxiety in individuals; imagine how stressful it would be for an animal or a tiny child who doesn’t realize why their life is changing.

The good news is that you can make the transition easier for your kids, pets, or both with advanced planning and forward-thinking, making the relocation as stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

Read these tips before planning your move to a new home.

Decide When to Move

Make sure your move does not conflict with your life events, good or bad. In both cases, your whole family is already experiencing routine change and emotional turmoil. The best choice is to delay the transition for at least a few months, so you do not overload your children and animals with too many changes.

Help Them Visualize Your New Home

The fear of the unknown is the primary cause of moving-related stress. Do some research about your new neighborhood to make sure you can address all of your children’s questions. Help them to visualize the new place—how it will look, how you’ll carry on with your daily activities there, and what fascinating things they can find.

Practice Your Move

Practice is a necessary preparation strategy. Instead of startling your pets or children, practice some drills. You may also play a pretend game with pets, such as asking your children to move their toys to a different room in a wagon or a crate. You might also go on a few little trips to get them used to traveling.

Pre-Plan Your Moving Day

Plan your moving day to reduce stress, including packing and labeling boxes; arranging food preparations for the entire family for the day; and continuing until you are ready to begin home cooking. Organize your children’s participation according to their age. Or, create a separate play space away from the hustle and bustle but still under adult supervision for them and your pets. Also, maintain an emergency kit with everything you could need during your shift.

Get Some Help

Your pets and children may miss you throughout the move since it requires much effort and care. They may act out when they miss you. Get help from others to avoid this issue and to ease some of the work off your shoulders. Hire a sitter to babysit your dog and play with it, or ask friends or relatives to care for your children while you move.

Moving day puts your organizational and personal management skills to the test. Making the shift as safe as possible for your children may transform the experience from stress to fun. The children will have great pride in their new house by the end of the day, and everyone will be able to laugh and rejoice while eating their first meal there.

Hiring a reputable moving company is the smartest and safest option when you have a difficult move ahead. Professional movers can complete the task more quickly and efficiently than you can because they have a wealth of experience in safe relocation.

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