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The Complete Guide to Furniture Donation

Are you moving to a new home but want to leave your old dining table and couch behind? Local charities are an excellent way to donate your gently used furniture, and some organizations even offer free pickup. Take a look at our simple guide for tips on how you can organize furniture pickup donations, what items aren’t accepted, and how to claim the donation in your tax return. 

Charities rely on generous furniture donations to provide assistance and affordable options to vulnerable members of the community. Before making a donation, here’s a number of items that aren’t generally accepted: mattresses and box springs, medical equipment, crutches, cribs, car seats, strollers, beauty products (even if sealed), household chemicals and non-flat screen TVs and computer monitors. 

Items like couches, tables, chairs, shelves, bookcases, TV units, bedside tables, chest of drawers, and cabinets are often welcomed as long as they’re not broken, stained, or torn. 

Most, if not all, of the following organizations will pick up your furniture donation free of charge.

Furniture Bank Network

Furniture Banks are found in some states across the U.S. including New Jersey. When you donate to their organization, Furniture Banks redirects your items to victims of fire, robbery, and natural disasters, individuals with mental or physical abilities and the previously homeless.

Furniture Bank comes highly recommended because they’re great about working with city authorities and private organizations to recycle items and materials. Contact a local office to organize your free donation pick up.

Habitat for Humanity 

They’re a household name and known for helping build safe and affordable homes for families who need them. Habitat for Humanity sells donated items in their ReStores with proceeds going toward the building and repairing of the homes in their non-profit program. You can schedule a free furniture donation pickup by calling your local site.

The Salvation Army

With the funds they raise in part by selling donated goods through their Family stores, The Salvation Army assists with causes such as disaster relief, homeless shelters, rehab, veteran services, and help for domestic abuse.

Schedule your furniture pickup directly through the Salvation website.


Goodwill helps people find jobs and grow their careers with English-language training, education, and access to transportation and childcare. Locate your nearest Goodwill store using the charity’s website, then use the contact details listed for your local store to organize your furniture donation pick up.

Get a Tax Refund

To make your donation tax-deductible, you’ll need a receipt. You’ll have to determine the approximate tax-deductible value of the furniture items you donated. Consult the Goodwill and Salvation Army valuation guides to help you make a reasonable estimate. When determining this value, you’ll have to take factors such as the item’s relative age and quality into account. You can also consult your tax advisor.