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Things to Do Immediately After a Big Move

Moving to a new city can be stressful. There’s the unease of a new neighborhood, a feeling of loss from your old space and letting go of the routines you previously had. While these feelings will naturally pass with time, the initial phase can be tough on the heart and head alike. Here are some things that you should do immediately after the shift.

Have Your To-Do List Handy

A to-do list can help you stay organized, especially when dealing with the chaos from the move. While completing the move can feel like a weight off your shoulders, there’s still a lot to do. Prepare a to-do list well in advance, jotting down all the tasks to be accomplished after moving. This simple strategy will help you sail out of the mess as quickly as possible.

Keep Unpacking

Get down to the business of unpacking right away. Task each family member with unpacking their things straight away. Get your essentials out and arrange them just how you like, setting up the bathrooms and the bedrooms first. You can focus on the living areas and other decorative aspects later.

Change the Address!

This one is a no-brainer. Whether you’ve shifted to a new locality, city, region, country or state, change your official address as soon as you can. Get down to your local post office and fill up the card for changing your address or do it online at the USPS website.

Don’t forget to let your friends and family know your new address and make sure to update any ongoing subscription services.

Get Your Child Settled In

One of the best ways to settle children into their new lives is to enroll them in a new school. Get recommendations from people and also from online forums. Visit some local schools, talk to principals and teachers, and keep all your registration documents in hand once you’ve made your decision.

Is Healthcare Nearby?

Healthcare emergencies never come with warnings. Check out nearby healthcare providers and find out all vital details like emergency numbers, appointment numbers, and so on. Find a new healthcare practitioner or physician for the family and a pharmacy for essentials.

Car Registration Matters

Another task that you shouldn’t put off is changing your vehicle registration. Hop to the nearest DMV office and finish the registration as early as you can. The deadlines for registering your vehicle in a new state could be anywhere from 10 to 30 days.

Introduce Yourself to Neighbors

Venture out to the local store, pub, and other hotspots to introduce yourself to people in the neighborhood. You may also walk over to your neighbors’ homes and let them know you’ve just moved. It is always good to get some social interaction into the mix since it will can help with the stress.

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