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Tips to Make Unpacking Easier & Stress-Free

So you finally moved into your new home? Now, it’s time to unpack everything and transform the vacant space into your paradise. Unpacking things is not as easy as packing them. Even though it is the final step of the moving process, it can be complicated and time-consuming.

Want to know how to make unpacking easier and stress-free? Follow the tips below.

Deep Clean

Before adding furniture and other items to your space, deep clean every nook and corner of your new home. Once you place furniture in your new home, it gets tough to move it frequently for a thorough cleaning. Consider hiring professional cleaners to do the deep cleaning before placing furniture where you want it.

Place Boxes in the Right Rooms

When unloading boxes from the truck into your new home, don’t leave them just anywhere in your house. Place the boxes quickly in designated rooms, so you don’t waste time looking for items throughout your home.

Better yet, work with your professional mover to ensure the boxes (which you should properly label when packing) are placed in the appropriate rooms or locations in the new home. This will ease unpacking significantly.

Unpack Larger Items First

Make sure you unpack and place the more oversized items in your home first, then focus on the smaller ones. Unpacking DVDs and books without setting up your music system and bookshelves won’t help as you won’t be able to keep them in the right places. You can also unpack artwork and decorative items first as they will immediately enhance the look of your home.

Start With the Kitchen

Before unpacking other rooms, start with your kitchen, as it is the focal point in your home. After unpacking appliances, for example, set them up to make coffee, toast, or other quick food items immediately or as needed. You can then unpack all cups, dishes, bowls, silverware, and other cooking essentials. This action alone will save your wallet and your waistline by not having to get take-out too many days in a row.

Make Your Bed

After spending a tiring day shifting to and unpacking at a new place, you need to sleep peacefully at night. Set aside linens for each bed that will be used the first night, and make each bed early on before you get too tired. You can arrange closets and furniture in the bedrooms later on as you unpack boxes gradually.

Unpack Utility Rooms Last

Leave for last in your unpacking process the garages, laundry room, basement, and utility rooms. As these rooms are used for storage and not as a living space, you don’t need to unpack their designated boxes right away. If you move during grilling season, you can unpack grill items to spend time in your backyard and not have to cook the first one/two days in the kitchen.

Break Down & Give Away Boxes

Once you empty a box and place the items in the right place, break down and place the box outside to recycle. As the number of boxes get moved outside, your home will begin to look more spacious and organized.

If you follow the above tips, your unpacking can get done relatively quickly. Want more helpful tips? Our consultants have a ton to share as they have helped clients manage countless moves.

And if you need help from a professional mover in New Jersey, do not hesitate to contact Main Street Movers right away.