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What Should an Essential Box Include?

After days of preparing for moving day, you’re finally done packing up all your belongings and taping a slew of boxes that are ready to go. All of a sudden, you feel a terrible headache after sleepless nights and need immediate relief—but you don’t know where you have packed the aspirin and other pills! The last thing you want to do is frantically dig through boxes and unwind days of hard work.

Some personal items and other belongings are essential, and you’ll want to locate them quickly after your moving day or after moving all day and spending your first night in your brand-new home. That’s why an essential box or open-first box is of the utmost importance if you’re planning to move. 

Read on to learn what you should include in your essential box.

Basic Necessities

This box should contain shared household items and necessities. Think about the essential items required to sustain yourself and your family during the initial moving phase.

Some of the must-haves you should include are:

Personal Hygiene

You don’t need an essential box for all the personal hygiene items in all your bathrooms, but you want to have the basic ones in hand for your moving day or when you first move in.

If you feel it’s too hard to pick out basic personal hygiene items among all your belongings, you could try going over your morning routine. 

Meanwhile, we can help you with your basic personal hygiene item list. Here are some essentials to include:

Shelter & Safety

Creating a safe and comfortable space is important when moving to a new location. If you have a family with children, you want to know where your toddler’s favorite blanket is placed.

Apart from that safety blanket, you should also consider adding the following to this box:

Additional Considerations

Last but not least, you want to consider setting aside important documents for each member of your family. Here are some extra items to consider for your essential box:

Before your move, start jotting down the items you reckon might be essential during and after moving day. This will help you ensure a happy, stress-free moving experience. 

At Main Street Movers, we’ve got you covered with documents and checklists that come in handy when planning your move.