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What to Keep in Mind While Choosing Residential Storage

Moving day can be quite overwhelming and hectic. The closer you get to it, the more things there are to do—from packing and organizing items for your new home, to signing contracts and registering your new address. In this scenario, renting residential storage can help ease the stress and simplify your move overall.

Securing residential storage is a great option to quickly remove your valuable items from your old home. It takes away the stress of having to move everything in one day, allowing you to space out the move and prioritize moving essential items to your new home first. Before choosing a residential storage unit, here are some factors you need to keep in mind.


Size matters when choosing residential storage. You should make a list of things you want to place in storage to help determine the right size. You may also need to check that some of the goods you intend to store will fit in terms of both width and height. The price of your residential storage usually depends on the size of your unit.

Most storage units are scalable, meaning you can buy the size that best suits your needs. To ensure that you order the container with the correct length, width, and height, you must have an estimate of the size space you’ll need. You can simplify your relocation and protect your possessions by using moving units as a temporary fix.


Double check the storage unit’s condition before signing the contract. It’s important to do so for two reasons: first, if the unit’s floors, walls, or roof are damaged, it may harm your valuable products, and second, the storage provider may charge you for existing damages if you fail to point them out before moving in your items.

We advise you to properly inspect the unit and point out anything that seems out of place to ensure the protection of your items and prevent future disputes.


Does the storage provider have insurance? You need to know if your possessions will be stored safely. Most storage unit dealers have insurance on their containers, but it is recommended to review the documents beforehand to determine who would be liable for any damage to your belongings.

Take your time and only make decisions when you are certain because it could get challenging and complicated if there is ever a dispute between you and your storage provider.


The storage price is difficult to estimate because it depends on the size of the unit and how long you use it. You must consider factors such as the duration of the contract, dimensions, and transportation costs when calculating the cost of storage. Many companies charge you monthly, so if you use the storage space for a day or two past the month’s end, you’ll end up paying for several weeks of storage even though you’re not utilizing all that time. To offer yourself a little freedom, try to select a storage provider that bills weekly.

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