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Why Autumn is the Best Time to Move

While most people move in the spring and summer, autumn can sometimes be the best time of year to move. Moving is often a difficult process but the fall can make the process simpler for various reasons including weather, cost, and flexibility. We compiled a list of some things to keep in mind about moving during pumpkin season.

Its More Affordable

As there’s less demand for moving companies and truck rentals in the fall, moving costs are usually lower and moving companies are more likely to negotiate. Be sure to call several providers – including Main Street Movers – to compare rates and check available dates.

Flexible Dates

Because it’s off-season, you’ll have more flexibility to choose a date that works for you, rather than being forced to move when a mover can fit you in. There are usually more weekend moving dates available from September to November.

Keep in mind that most people move toward the end of the month, so it’s best to try to avoid this time period.

Cooler Temperatures

Temperatures start to cool down in September, making it more comfortable to load and unload boxes. However, as you’ll be continuously going indoors and outdoors on moving day, your body temperature may keep changing. We recommend layering up so that you can remove or add pieces of clothing throughout the day. Have extra shirts, coats, hats and gloves readily accessible, in your car and not packed away in the moving truck.