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Winter Moving Tips

Winter doesn’t officially start until December 21, but the first snow of the season fell in New Jersey just a few days ago. If you have to move during freezing temperatures, we have some tips to help your move go without a hitch. 

Check Weather

Sounds simple enough, right? Unpredictable weather can happen any time, especially during the colder months. Check your local weather channel the week leading up to the move and the day of. If you’re concerned the weather will hinder your movers, call the moving company and express your concern. It’s better to delay the move than get caught in a bad storm. 

Check the Snowplow Schedule

Unexpected snow looks pretty from far, but it can be a nightmare before a move. Make sure you have parking available that’s not on the plow route or leave yourself enough time to forge a path to the house.

Give Extra Care to Fragile Items

Many things that are delicate or extra fragile become more brittle in cold weather. Help your movers out by double packing your fragile items so they’re less likely to break during the move. 

Be Flexible

Winter weather only adds to the number of possible complications. Your movers can’t control the weather and are probably colder than you are. So listen to their concerns – if the roads are icy, it’s safer to delay the move a little than risk your possessions and people’s lives.