Great service & integrity never go out of style

Residential Moves

Down the street. Around the corner. Cross-country. Across state lines. When it comes to your move – we say no to surprises.

Surprises are lovely, but they’re the last thing you need when you’re moving to a new home.

The upheaval of your move—whether it’s a move you want to make or not—is enough without the interruption of the unexpected—typically the unexpected glitch. That’s why at Main Street Movers, we cover every detail by anticipating your every need. And should those nagging, unexpected issues occur, we have the training, flexibility and problem-solving skills to overcome, regroup and, if you’ll excuse the pun, keep on moving.

At Main Street Movers, we make your local or interstate transition as smooth as possible. We’re committed to a flawless move from start to finish:

You can be sure we will safely transport your furniture and your cherished belongings to your new home.

We work with genuine care, so you can be certain the walls and floors and steps, door frames and molding of both your old and new home are protected and undamaged.

Our careful packing and special handling safeguard your beautiful furniture, expensive works of art and priceless belongings from the moment we move it out of your old home, onto our truck and into your new space.

The old saying of you get the best of both worlds applies when it comes to working with Main Street Movers. You receive the same high-quality service whether you’re moving locally and within the tristate area or out of state and across tristate lines.

Local Moves

We’ll move you down the street, across town or to a nearby community. Main Street Movers boasts a history of high-quality relocation services in New Jersey, New York or the wider tristate area. We’re committed to doing our best to keep your move on time and on budget, all the while we protect the personal belongings that make up your life.

Interstate Moves

Main Street Movers is proud to be a certified regional transporter in Bekins Van Lines Inc., an interstate and international moving service carrier that works with Main Street when we’re moving clients cross-country or over state lines. When you’re moving out of the tristate area, you can feel confident, knowing your belongings are being cared for by a van line known for its superior service and efficiency in interstate moves and transport. Our combined Main Street and Bekins team will enable you to work with experienced professionals who will support you throughout your moving experience. We’ll communicate with you in a timely fashion, oversee every detail and address and eliminate any issues that arise.

More Than Just a Move

And here’s the finishing touch, whether you’re moving close by or faraway. We help you settle in, positioning your furniture just where you want it, so when all is said and done, your new space looks and feels like home—whether it’s down the street, around the corner, anywhere in the tristate area or across tristate lines.