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Special Services

Not just about the move. There’s your wish list of special services.

We understand there’s so much more to a move than the move itself. In fact, there are different types of moves, even from one place to another within your home. You can have access to our well-trained, professional partners to meet your complete wish list of settle-in and in-home moving and related services.

Making New Digs Feel Like Home

The thought of moving to your new space is hard enough. Settling in is even more overwhelming.

We can provide you with well-trained teams to meet your complete wish list of services. Whether it’s a simple unpack and put-away need, or full maid white-glove service, we’re at the ready to help you settle in.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand. Call us and breeze into your new space.

In-Home Moving

With Moving, There’s More Ways Than One.

Remodeling, upgrading or redecorating your home can breathe new life into your existing space, and give you a pick-me-up. But achieving the desired outcome can be cumbersome, what with the size and weight of the furniture you must move, or the need to get rid of the old stuff that is no longer usable.

That’s why we’re here to offer in-home moving. It’s yet another way we can put you first and offer the best in customer service. We can be on the scene to lend a hand. You direct, and we’ll rearrange your existing furniture and set-up your new purchases and get rid of unwanted furnishings.

Call us for this added service, because moving can happen in more ways than one.

Piano Moving

Striking Just the Right Note

Your grand, baby grand or console piano is at the heart of your family memories. And it must be handled with genuine care. It must be treated as the work of art it is. Not every moving company can be entrusted with the gentle handling of such a precious item. We have the tools and expertise to correctly transport your piano, because we want you to continually have music in your life.

Estate Services

Making a Difficult Time Less Challenging

Dealing with a loved one’s estate is an extremely difficult and emotionally trying task, and Main Street Movers is ready to provide assistance during this challenging time. We offer:

We have seen time and again that getting the organizational tasks off one’s plate provides some relief for the stress and sadness.