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When it comes to storage, we’ve got you covered:

Our facilities are safe, secure and clean. So you can be sure your items will be in the same mint condition when you retrieve them as when you left them in our care.

Household Storage

Has Your Builder or Previous Homeowner Put a Kibosh on Your Move? Turn to Us for Storage.

Household Storage

Has Your Builder or Previous Homeowner Put a Kibosh on Your Move? Turn to Us for Storage.

It’s all systems go for your move, and then, suddenly, your builder throws a monkey wrench into the works and lets you know your house is ‘not quite ready’. Even worse, the previous owners tell you something went wrong on their end. That’s quite the letdown, and a cause for concern.

We’ve encountered this situation many times and have empathy for our customers when these scenarios occur. The good news is – we also have a solution. Our mover’s storage option. It’s a really great option.

Our mover’s storage is a convenient alternative to self-storage. With self-storage you sign a lease agreement with a storage facility, secure a unit with your own lock and key, and pay the storage facility monthly rent. While your items are secure, they are not contained and are not monitored so you never know what’s packed away in the unit next door.

At Main Street Movers, we take an inventory of your items and their condition when they arrive at our clean, organized warehouse. No protective detail is left undone. We have maximum security measures in place, and you can be assured your items are safe and secure.

What’s more, our containerized warehouse is equipped with crates to accommodate all your household goods. Every piece of furniture is blanket wrapped in your home and deposited at our facility where it stays wrapped until it’s set down in your new space. Sofas are specially wrapped in brown paper, blanket wrapped, and placed upon designated racks.

NO long-term contracts required to benefit from this added service.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your possessions will be safe and secure. Can you think of a more perfect place to park your things when the time is not quite right to settle in?

Our Special Services

Business Storage

Short on Room? A Convenient Way to Get the Space You Need.

Business sometimes need a little extra help with storage. Certain documents, samples, furniture and equipment are not used on a daily basis. But business owners must have access to them when they want or need them. We have convenient storage solutions to meet these on-and-off requirements and keep these items out of the way until you need them.

Records Storage

Your Documents Are the Lifeblood of Your Business. We’ll Help Keep Them Safe.

Your business documents are the lifeblood of your business, so it’s imperative they are kept safe, undamaged and in perfect condition

We take pride in our handling of your important papers and box them, plastic wrap them and place them on sturdy, clean racks for easy access. When they arrive at your new office space or whenever you must retrieve them, you can be guaranteed they will be in sterling condition.

Let us help you keep your important papers safe until you are ready to get down to business.

Commercial Storage

Need Extra Space? We’ve Got You Covered.

As a business owner, it’s not uncommon for you to need some extra space in your day-to-day operations. Storing samples, displays, office furniture or medical equipment offsite till you want or need these items is an easy way to accomplish this.

Many business owners rely on Main Street Movers to provide them with the extra space they need. We provide start-to-finish service and accept large deliveries which we disassemble for transport to multiple locations—hassle-free and convenient.

We’re at your beck and call to give you the space and delivery options—when you want them, when you need them.