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Careers at Main Street Movers

Recruitment & Relationships Go Hand-in-hand

When we started Main Street Movers 10 years ago, we knew we wanted to make it a family company. And by family, we didn’t mean just the two of us, Tom and Karen, and now our daughter Nicole who’s also on our team.

We meant family to include all the valued employees who made and make Main Street Movers a company that’s respected by its residential and commercial clients as well as its industry peers.

No Titles But Team

We’re not about titles. That’s key. Each of our people serve in critical functions integral to our operation. But their most important role is being part of our team.

Everyone chips in, lends a hand and learns the business, and their participation in this expansive way is valued and appreciated.

Robust Benefits

What’s more, because we appreciate hard work, we give back and offer our team a robust benefits package that includes:

Professional Growth

Combined, these offerings help our employees develop their skills, deepen their company and industry knowledge, and stay safe while on the job.

Many Main Street employees have been with us from the day we opened. Others are people we’ve known through business and the industry. We’ve recruited them and welcomed them to our team.

As our company continues to grow, our employees continue to grow, and they’ve expanded their roles in our business.

Respect & Listening. Always & During the Global Pandemic

Respect is foremost. Our employees talk to us. We listen. Always. And while listening to what our employees tell us is integral to our philosophy, it has been particularly important during the continuing global crisis. We’ve asked our frontline employees, our people who work on our vans, to tell us whether they’re comfortable working on assignments that would take them into New York City. Beyond that, we’ve taken all precautions:

Broader Focus: Paying it Forward

Part of being in the Main Street family includes reaching out to others. We encourage our colleagues to support each other and beyond that to assist individuals and groups in the community or in other organizations who will benefit from a helping hand. As a company, we encourage our employees to become involved with the many charitable events we sponsor, the organizations and causes we support [potentially link to charity page] as well as to become active in initiatives and organizations in which they want to participate.

A High Bar

At Main Street, we’ve set the bar high in our excellent customer service, our efficient operations, and the way we’ve continued to teach and role model for other operators in the moving industry.

We couldn’t have achieved this without the participation of the loyal employees who work on our team, and we’re grateful for all they’ve contributed.

Join Our Team

We’d love to have you join our team. If you want to grow your career in a dynamic, family-oriented work environment, reach out: