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Main Street & Burch Charter School, Irvington

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It is said that opposites attract, but at Main Street Movers we’ve learned that people and groups with similar goals join forces and pull together.

That’s why we’ve been drawn to the work of Burch Charter School of Excellence. Founded in September 2008, Burch Charter School offers tuition-free, kindergarten- to fifth-grade instruction to Irvington youngsters.

At Burch Charter School, A Mission That Resonates

Burch has a child-centered mission grounded in the belief that each child has a right to a high-quality education. Growth is nurtured in an environment and with a curriculum:

A Collaborative Approach That Involves Community

Burch delivers on its mission through a collaborative approach that joins parents, students, staff and administration, the board of trustees and the community to fulfill its mission. And community is where Main Street comes in.

7 Pillar Values

These are the school’s seven values which align with our values at Main Street. Just as at Burch Charter School, we strive to motivate all employees to develop their full potential. That’s why we’ve been drawn to the school and contribute in ways that will bring fun and joy to its students.

Holiday Party Fun

At Christmas we brought the youngsters gifts, which were generously contributed by employees, associates and business partners, and friends of Main Street and sponsored a holiday party. Our gift was seeing—and feeling—the students delight as they opened their gifts and enjoyed the festivities on a pre-holiday Friday afternoon.

In fact, Tom was so taken by the response that in short order he decided it was time for yet another party. On Valentine’s Day, Main Street brought in pizza…plenty of it, too, and, of course, enough to serve the entire school. Again the response was tremendously heartwarming.

More Than a Party

Beyond the festivities, Main Street also sponsored a Girls on the Run chapter at Burch during a recent school year. Girls on the Run inspires health and confidence in girls and believes that all young women are born with power and purpose. Using a fun, research-based curriculum that creatively integrates running, the nonprofit inspires every girl to reach her limitless potential—not just for the length of the program, but for life.

A Gift of Giving

We are convinced that participating in events and programs like these contribute to a fulfilling work experience. They energize us and spark yet more community outreach and participation, the offer of a helping hand to individuals in need, and assistance to other organizations that contribute to the greater good.

We’re hoping that hearing our story and seeing our photos will encourage you to join forces with Burch Charter School, too.

The gifts that come out of giving are as much for the benefactors as they are for the recipients. At least that’s the way it is at Main Street where we believe that helping others is a way of work and life.

Read more about The Burch Charter School for Excellence and find out how you can help support their mission.

That's Not All

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Thank you from Burch Charter School
Thank you from Burch Charter School