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Choosing the Right Packing Materials

Choosing the right container will speed up your packing and make this chore easier for you. It will also ensure your possessions are transported safely and securely.

Check out this list of containers and materials to help you do things right.

Don't Have Time to Pack?

Let Us Do the Hard Work

Don’t have time to pack? No problem, we’d be happy to do it for you. Main Street Movers offers a comprehensive packing service, including:

If you like, we’ll even coordinate with one of our partners to unpack for you!

Book Box

1.5 Cubic Foot Carton
13in x 13in x 16in (length, width, height)

Ideal for small, heavy items – books, records, canned goods, tools, weights, etc.

Medium Box

3.1 Cubic Foot Carton
18in x 18in x 16in

For small appliances, cooking utensils, shoes, etc. These boxes can also be used to extend a dish pack (see below) to hold long (tall) items.

Large Box

4.5 Cubic Foot Carton
18in x 18in x 24in

Ideal for larger, bulky items such as pillows and quilts. These boxes can also be used for some lamp shades.

Dish Pack

5.2 Cubic Foot Carton
18in x 18in x 28in

Designed for transporting dishes, glassware dishes, lamp bases and most fragile household items. These heavy-duty boxes are double-walled box and have a 250 lb per square inch bursting strength rating.

Wardrobe Boxes

Designed to transport your clothes without having to remove the hangers. Wardrobe boxes have an 18-inch bar—making it easy for you to figure out how many you will need for your move. Simply measure how far your clothes stretch across your wardrobe (in inches) and divide by 18.

Mirror Carton

A collapsible two- or-four-piece container designed to protect pictures, mirrors and panes of glass. The pieces fit together to prevent movement inside the carton. Use paper pads or bubble wrap to pad your item inside the carton.

Choosing the Right Packing Materials