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How Many Boxes Do You Need to Move?

At Main Street Movers, we help relocate families and seniors to their new homes and help offices and businesses move to new commercial spaces. Each situation is unique and requires different services – from the amount of people involved in the move to the number of packing boxes needed. We compiled a list to help you determine how many boxes you likely will need for your big move.

Apartments & Homes

The actual number of moving boxes will be unique to every relocation. One way to calculate the approximate number of moving boxes you will need to pack up your things is to use the square footage of your home and not the number of rooms.

For example, homes between 700–900 SqFt might need:

For a family of two living in a two-bedroom apartment, you might need approximately:

Offices & Commercial Space

Whether your corporate office space is large or small, the sooner you start to plan out your move, the easier and less stressful the process will be. About five months before the move, determine if the moving company will be providing boxes and moving supplies, or if you will be purchasing these separately. For each employee, we recommend at least three to five medium-sized boxes that can hold a desktop computer and monitors, printer, manuals and binders, drawer organizers, desk lamps and books.

Overall, the number of boxes you need to purchase to start packing is completely variable and unique to every relocation. Some homes are sparse, some families are pack rats, and even the types of boxes needed are unique to what you own. So one of the most accurate ways to determine how many boxes you need will always be to have a professional moving consultant do an in-home or in-office survey to help you determine how many boxes you will really need.