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How to Label Your Moving Boxes Like a Pro

After finally packing your belongings in their respective boxes, the last thing you want is to misplace them upon arrival in your new home. So get your markers ready because we’re going to show you just how to use them by creating a fool-proof labeling system for your already packed cardboard boxes.

Get your ‘Sharpies’ ready

Permanent markers are a must and the first thing you need to label your moving boxes properly. Markers should be of good quality, permanent and waterproof, and come in at least five different colors.

You can always write directly on the boxes, but we recommend downloadable and printable moving box labels (or from the moving company) where you can write the names of the different rooms. Colored tape is also a good way to identify the box category when you arrive at your new home.

Code in Color

To make the moving and unpacking easier, you can choose a color coding system where you choose one color for one destination room. For example, if you decide that green is the color for the bedroom, then take a green marker and mark all the packed boxes that should end up in your bedroom. We recommend you specify what each box contains. 

To help the movers understand your color coding system, place colored pieces of paper on the doors of your new home that match the already color coded cardboard boxes. 

Cover Old Labels

If you’ve taken hold of second hand cardboard boxes, some of the containers may already have inscriptions and markings on them. To avoid confusion, tape your labels directly above the old ones to mask them. If that is not really possible, then take pieces of colored paper and just glue them over the old labels or stickers.

Don't Forget the Small Details

The best way to attach moving labels to your boxes is to use clear packing tape over them so that they don’t fall off, or get torn or wet during the transportation. Using appropriate glue is another option to make sure the colored or non-colored labels stay where they are supposed to be. 

You also want to make sure that your writing will be visible on at least one side even when the boxes are neatly stacked one on top of the other. 

Finally, when handling delicate or breakable items, write “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE” with big black or red letters to attract the carrier’s attention. 

The packing and labeling process all begins with a strong checklist. Take a look at our tips on how to create a packing checklist for a smooth moving experience.